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AMC's Lindsay Hartley Speaks Out on Cancellation Rumors

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All My Children scene stealer Lindsay Hartley voiced her thoughts regarding the cancellation rumors surrounding her soap to Soap Opera Weekly. Hartley stated:

It's so sad, of course. First of all, we've been fighting this battle for a while now. Not just All My Children, but soap operas in general. You don't ever want anything to go away that's been on for so long, that's made such a statement all over the world. I, for one, have never been happier. I love All My Children. The cast is so talented, loving and family-oriented, and Julie [Hanan Carruthers, executive producer] tries so hard to make everyone feel important. It's wonderful to have your EP so open, so ready to help and be there. So I hope the rumors aren't true. It would be sad if all these people had to go out of work, the crew, the cast. All I can say is they're really encouraging us to let the fans know they should write in, turn on their channels and watch the show. Support the genre!

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