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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Nicole Realize CloneRafe is a Fake?

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CloneRafe/Nicole: Nicole takes Fay's death hard and blames herself, since she convinced her to move into the DiMera mansion. Nicole lights into both EJ and Taylor due to her guilt over her mother's death and makes a promise to figure out what her last words meant. Nicole listens in on a chat Stefano and EJ are having about Fay possibly knowing about their schemes with CloneRafe. Nicole only hears the last part about Rafe and starts to put the pieces together. She realizes something hasn't been right with "Rafe" since his accident. She also remembers Stefano and EJ telling her not to go into the basement and decides to find out exactly what is going on.

Nicole goes to Rafe and Sami's loft to do some digging and winds up getting a kiss from CloneRafe! Nicole hauls off and slaps him and "Rafe" chalks up his behavior to the accident. The two decide not to mention the kiss to EJ. Later, CloneRafe accidentally tells EJ about Nicole coming over to the loft. At the DiMera mansion, Nicole keeps thinking about how EJ is somehow involved in what happened with Fay and "Rafe's" accident. When EJ arrives at the mansion, Nicole attempts to get answers from her husband and continues to suspect EJ and Taylor are keeping something from her. Meanwhile, Sami returns to the loft and flips when "Rafe" asks Johnny to get him a beer from the fridge! Sami decides to pack up the kids and visit Eric, much to the delight of CloneRafe.

Carly: Dr. Manning's life continues to unravel. Carly pretends to have an elbow injury in order to get pain meds from Lexie. Daniel offers to check her elbow, but Carly lights into him. Jen arrives at the hospital and both she and Daniel start to wonder what is going on with Carly. Later, Carly starts to pop pills inside her office.

EJ/Taylor: The two get in a car accident. Later, EJ and Taylor kiss.

Theo/Ciara: The kids realize they are low on food.

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