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One Life to Live Spoilers: Jack Refuses to Apologize to Shane!

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A heated argument, a secret found out, and a woman on the edge rock the citizens of Llanview to their core. Don't forget that Wendy Williams makes another appearance on OLTL this week as Access Llanview Host, Phyllis Rose. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of April 11.

Natalie/John/Brody/Marty: Natalie is going to lose it after seeing John with a picture of Liam's sonogram. Natalie will tear up the picture and scream at John that he can't have his cake and eat it too. John will inform Natalie that she has made it impossible for him to forgive her, and besides all that, Brody is Liam's father. Natalie will give John is engagement ring back and leave with Brody.

Meanwhile at Statesville, Mary will bump into Vimal who's waiting for Rama. Vimal is going to ask Marty what she was doing in the genetics lab for so long the night he changed the paternity test results. Marty will blow him off and leave, but accidentally drop Natalie's real paternity test results. Cristian sees this, but Marty will pick put the paper before he has the chance to read it. Later on, Cristian is going to inform Natalie that Marty still has a copy of her paternity test results. In turn, Natalie will tell Cris about her break up with John. In the meantime, Marty will be asking John if he could change things and Liam was really his child, would he find it in his heart to forgive Natalie? What is Marty not telling John?

Rama/Vimal/Cris: Rama will continue to lie to Vimal about being pregnant. Vimal is going to ask Cris about Rama and her “delicate condition”. Later on, Rama and Nigel will have a ball while watching Phyllis Rose on Access Llanview. However, the fun turns sour when Phyllis mentions Cris and Rama looking cozy together. Will Vimal ever get a brain of his own?

Tess/Cutter/Ford: Tess and Cutter will get hot and heavy in the steam room until Ford shows up. Ford is going to command Cutter to unhand his wife before he tells Aubrey, Joey and Brody that Cutter is fooling around with Tess. Cutter will throw Ford's threat back in his face by making one of his own. Cutter will threaten to inform the courts of Ford and Tess' fake marriage. Ford will stand down and agree not to say anything if Tess and Cutter decide to engage in an affair.

A little later, Tess is going to figure out Aubrey and Cutter's plan to scam Joey. Tess will make a deal with the couple; cut her in on the scheme and she will keep quiet. Tess is also going to decree that she wants to continue their fling, even though he is with Aubrey. Aubrey and Cutter will fight about letting Tess get in the middle of their plans to milk Joey for all he's worth. Tess will leave and return to Ford's apartment. Tess and Ford will continue to bicker until Ryder begins to fuss. Ford is going to have a hard time calming down Ryder, so Tess does it for him. After, Tess will do something to make sure Viki will not get custody of Ryder. How does Cutter entering the mix change things for Ford, Tess and Ryder?

Joey/Kelly/Aubrey: Joey and Kelly will get into it over her relationship with John, in front of Aubrey. Kelly is going to storm off and Joey will have to deal with Aubrey. Aubrey will ask Joey if he regrets marrying her. Kelly will visit Clint for an interview about his newfound freedom, but they will end up talking about Joey. Clint informs Kelly that the tape he had made contained Aubrey and Cutter making love and revealing they are out to get the Buchanan fortune. He will ask Kelly if they can team up to assist Joey in finding out the truth about Aubrey. Kelly will think about it and head to La Boulaie. Kelly is going to fill in Dorian about Aubrey and Cutter's true motives. Dorian will tell Kelly to take the information and get Joey back. However, Kelly is going to inform Dorian that she is through with Joey. Is Kelly being truthful about her feelings for Joey? 

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Viki/Charlie/Echo: Joey is going to ask his mother for marital advice and she will admit that her marriage with Charlie is in shambles. Meanwhile, Charlie will head over to Echo's and the two have a chat. Charlie will inform Echo that he will be by Viki's side during Ryder's custody trial, but after it's over, he will be with Echo in and out of the public's eye. Echo is going to feel guilty for lying to Charlie about Rex's true paternity. Charlie goes back to Llanfair and will confess to Viki that he's in love with Echo. Charlie will offer to see Viki through Ryder's trial, but Viki will want no part of it. The former lovers will share a tearful goodbye.

Clint will pop up at Llanfair and Viki will inform him about Charlie and Echo. Clint is going to decide it's best to keep the fact that Echo knew about Rex's true paternity the entire time to himself. Clint will tell Viki about Shane being bullied. Will Viki be able to handle her life essentially falling apart around her? 

Langston/Markko/Dorian/David: Langston is going to accuse Dorian of purposely hiring Markko to direct David's movie in an effort to reunite the two. Langston and Markko are going to agree to work together, which means Langston is going to move to LA. Upstairs, David and Dorian will make love and decide they can survive a long distance relationship. By this time, Starr will show up downstairs and be shocked to see Markko. Starr’s shock will deepen when she finds out Langston is moving to write David's movie. As Langston prepares to leave, she and Starr will remember moments from their friendship. Will Langston and Markko live happily ever after?

Starr/James/Deanna: After spending the night at James' apartment, James and Deanna will talk about their former relationship. James will go into detail about how Deanna dropped him, and she will tell him things were not what they seemed to be. Starr will knock on the door before Deanna has a chance to explain herself to James. Starr and Deanna meet face to face and Starr will have more than a few questions for James. How will James explain Deanna to Starr?

Gigi/Rex/Shane/Jack/Blair: Gigi and Rex will wonder what to do about Shane. Shane is going to explain why he never told his parents about his bullying. As the family tries to sort things out, Blair with a very uncaring Jack will show up to apologize to Shane. Blair tries to get Jack to apologize, but the young boy absolutely refuses to do it. Rex will inform them that Shane almost committed suicide and Blair will be rattled to her core. The news will also shake up Jack, but he continues to be defensive.

Later, Tomas visits Blair. He will want to know if she thinks he shot Todd. Blair will be distracted and tell Tomas about Jack. Blair is going to divulge to Tomas that she feels like she failed as a mother because of Jack's bullying. Tomas will tell Blair that she is just the opposite. After Tomas leaves, Blair is going to really put the hammer to Jack. Will Jack ever realize the consequences of his actions?

Tea/Tomas: Tea is going to let John's unsure attitude about Tomas get to her and break into his room. Tomas will catch his sister snooping through his things and wonder what's going on. Tea tells him, and Tomas confesses some of the truth of why he has so much information on Todd, especially about his plastic surgery. Tomas will suspect that the reason Tea went through his things was because of John. When will the real truth about Tomas come out?

Clint/Bo: Dorian watches Access Llanview and will fly into a rage once she hears that Clint has been cleared of Eddie Ford's murder. News will spread around Llanview about Clint's freedom very quickly. Bo is going to have it out with Clint. Back on Access Llanview, Phyllis will tease dropping "a Buchanan bombshell". In the meantime, Clint will head to Rex and Gigi's to inquire about Shane's condition. However, things will not go well and the father and son get into a huge heated argument. Rex will not be happy that Clint suddenly cares about Shane so much, when he went to such extremes to deny Rex. Clint will be floored to discover Shane attempted to commit suicide. Will Shane's almost suicide change Clint's attitude toward Rex?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (April 11):

  • Niki Smith Returns!
  • Jack is roughed up.
  • Phyllis Rose drops some major news!
  • Dorian discovers Clint having a heart attack but refuses to help him, unless he tells her the truth!
  • Rex asks Gigi to marry him!
  • John is deeply affected when he holds Liam.
  • Tess and Niki team up!
  • Marty admits she switched the paternity results!