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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Thomas And Brooke Get Freaky Down Under?

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Thomas/Brooke: The two travel to Australia for Taboo business.

Ridge/Brooke: The couple shares a sweet goodbye.

Bill/Katie/Taylor: The Spencer's go to Taylor for marriage counseling. Katie spills all to Taylor about Bill's plot to bump off Amber. Taylor tries to ask him about his plans for Amber, but Dollar Bill gives her the cold shoulder and leaves. Later, Katie tells Taylor her hellcat daughter is trying to make moves on her husband! Taylor makes a vow to Katie to speak with Steffy about her actions.

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Bill/Steffy: The vixen declares her love to Bill.

Thomas/Steffy: The siblings argue over Bill and Brooke. Thomas asks Steffy to back him up against Ridge, while his baby sister clues him in on her plans for Bill.

Dayzee: She has a rival for Thomas' affections.

Stephanie: La Forrester puts both Thomas and Steffy in their places! Later, Stephanie tells Ridge to be careful about Brooke, since Australia has bad memories for her.

Thomas: The Forrester heir bids adieu to Dayzee, Madison and Summer. Later on, Thomas uses a situation to his advantage.

Oliver/Hope: The two start over again, even though Hope makes it clear how she feels about Liam.