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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu dreams about yelling at Luke for what he’s done.  Dante comes home and wakes her.  She says she feels bad for both Luke and Lucky.  Dante understands she wants to help, but that both men need to feel whatever they’re feeling.

Luke’s flicking his lighter when Lucky shows up.  Lucky makes a comment about possibly busting his father for arson and that setting the Star on fire would put Ethan out of a job and destroy his marriage. He wonders if that’s what Luke is after.  Luke feels he just wants to watch something burn down and Lucky reminds him he did that years ago with the club.

Carly tells Sam she and Jason should have a baby, to give Jason something to hope for.  Sam reminds her about her fertility issues and Carly is aware the difficulties, but that there are new procedures.  Sam says she knows about them, but that it only gives her a 50% chance.  Carly offers to carry the baby for her and that sometimes people just need a good push.  Sam can’t accept, knowing that Carly has her own health issues and she would not be able to deal with it if something bad happened.  Carly feels JaSam will regret not having done it.

Michael shows up at Jason’s, complaining that Ronnie picked up Abby for questioning. Michael is just itching to head down to the PCPD.  Jason tells him to back off and that he’ll call Diane. He also informs the young man that Ronnie is baiting him to get to Jason.   Michael finally sees the light and promises not to go down to the station.

Robin runs into Johnny on the street and wants to clear the air.  He says he doesn’t have a beef with her, but with Patrick for his treatment of Lisa.  Robin wonders why he’s sympathetic to Lisa and Johnny wants them to back off of her, but Robin wants to know if Lisa has really moved on from Patrick.

Patrick’s heading to Kelly’s to meet Robin for dinner, when he runs into Lisa. He assumes that she’s following him, so he angrily tells her off and leaves in a huff.  When he gets home, Robin wonders why he called off date night at Kelly’s and he tells her about running into Lisa.  Robin is tired of always talking about Lisa and wonders if Lisa has moved on with Johnny.  Patrick agrees with her about Lisa, so they start to kiss and head towards the bedroom, talking about another date where they may need Kristina’s babysitting services.

Brook wonders if there’s anything she can do for Nikolas, but he tells her they’ve run their course and he needs to be there for his brother and family.  He assures her she hasn’t done anything wrong, but that he’ll be emotionally preoccupied.  She agrees they ran their course and says the timing is good, since she’s going on tour with a band.

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Kristina runs into Sam at Kelly’s and discusses her waiting for a response from Yale.  She mentions having been accepted at PCU and needing to make a decision soon.  Sam tells her to go with her gut. She’ll get a good education no matter where she goes.

Johnny meets Lisa at Kelly’s, but she’s upset with how Patrick treated her.  He tells her she should just be glad she’s gotten away with everything that she has and needs to move on and let go.  Lisa thinks Patrick’s going to go to Steve and she should get there first.  Johnny’s annoyed with her obsession with Patrick, cancels their date and storms off.

Lulu shows up at the Star and is upset that Luke is trying to torch the place.  She talks him into putting away the lighter and to clean up, but he feels some messes can’t be cleaned up.

Michael gets back to Dante’s and says he’ll be spending the night at Abby’s.  Dante reminds him he needs to make an appearance once in a while.  Michael complains about Ronnie bringing Abby in to bait him to get to Jason and swears to Dante that he, neither Jason nor Abby are responsible for Brandon’s death. Michael asks Dante to help him prove that.  Dante says he will, but warns Michael to stay away from the station.

Lucky shows up at Jason's, explaining Luke’s alcoholism and blames himself for enabling his father and not having the courage to say something sooner.  Jason doesn’t blame him, but Lucky does and doesn’t know how to get past it.  Lucky wonders if he’d confronted Luke before, if Jake would still be alive.

Lucky stops by Dante’s apartment to see Lulu.  She explains that she helped clean up the Star and reminds Lucky that they’re father is in a lot of pain.

Michael stops by the hospital to see Joss, and Carly reminds him he needs to keep his nose clean and not lose control while on parole.  She feels he should stay away from Abby until Brandon’s killer is caught.

Dante stops by the penthouse to let Jason know that Brandon suddenly acquired a high-powered attorney and someone with deep pockets was bankrolling it before his death.  Jason wonders who and why.

Johnny stops by the Star, claiming to want back in. He makes small talk about being on the bad side with no redemption, but Luke’s not buying whatever he’s selling.