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One Life to Live Recap: Treat Me Right

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Natalie:  The point is that you can’t have it both ways.  You’re either in or you’re out.  You’re either Liam’s father or you’re not.  But what I am not going to let you do is fantasize about the good ‘ole days before you knew the truth.  Because that’s wrong!  It is wrong for you to love this picture when I have the real little boy at home that you can hold any time you want!

Natalie spies Liam’s sonogram picture.  John tries to make excuses, but it was in plain sight in a new folder.  He still cares, and his attachment to the picture must count for something.  John scoffs, but demands she return it.  Natalie tears it up, ordering John to make a choice.  He insists Liam belongs to Natalie and Brody, and they should be a family, but she knows that’s impossible because they still love Jessica and John respectively.  He accuses her of trashing their relationship by sleeping with another man.  She knows she made mistakes, but she recognizes that John can’t go backwards; it’s time to move on.  She returns her engagement ring, though John tells her to keep it.  He says he used to believe she’d wear it forever, prompting Natalie to run out in tears.

Kelly accuses Joey of being bothered by her relationship with John, but he claims otherwise.  Aubrey is wounded, especially when she discovers Joey punched John.  Kelly taunts him about being jealous, but whom she’s involved with is her choice.  Joey takes issue with Kelly sullying their special storeroom, and Aubrey is furious Joey lied.  He insists nothing happened, and Kelly storms off while Aubrey believes Joey is sorry he married her.  Brody spots Kelly hanging her head, and he offers her the speed bag.  Joey interrupts her half-hearted jabs to suggest they avoid each other and Kelly agrees.

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Brody confronts Ford while he’s working out, but Ford orders him to focus on his real family.  Ford is just doing what he must, but he can’t control Tess.  She wants Cutter, and she’s in charge.  Ford endorses Tess staying permanently if it means keeping his son, but Brody insists Jessica and Ryder are not Ford’s family.  Ford taunts that Cutter harbors the “magic touch” to reach Jessica, and that doesn’t speak too highly of Brody, who wants to kill Ford.

Tess descends on Cutter in the steam room, and so long as she’s Tess, he’s interested.  They kiss, and she freaks him out by faking a return from Jessica.  Both parties drop their towels, but Ford interrupts them, and accuses Cutter of taking advantage of Jessica’s mental illness.  He vows to rat out Cutter to Joey or Brody, but Cutter blackmails Ford with his sham of a marriage.  Ford acts indignant until Tess uses Ryder to threaten him into submission.  After Ford exits, Aubrey barrels in, not noticing Tess, and intent on giving Joey a reason to be jealous.  She plants a kiss on Cutter until Tess makes her presence known.

Dorian and David entice Langston with a hot, up-and-coming director: Markko.  They talk up their plan, complete with action figures, until Langston determines it’s a set-up.  Dorian doesn’t hide her affection for Markko, but she insists she’s more interested in their “artistic chemistry.”  Langston doesn’t think a partnership with Markko will work, but giving Dorian and David credit for their determination, Markko urges her to focus on her career trajectory.  She doesn’t want to complicate his life, but he reveals he’s no longer with Karen.  She acted like a “spoiled brat” and hurt Markko, but he’s pleased she’s no longer with Ford because Ford didn’t make her happy.  They decide on baby steps, beginning with “collaborators” and, hopefully, ending up as friends.

Upstairs, Dorian doesn’t mind being transparent, so long as their plan gets Langston away from the “vile Ford.”  She has high aspirations for everyone, and after promising “super-stardom,” David invites Dorian to play “Casting Coach.”  After making love, they get serious, promising each other equality and support.  Though it will be difficult, they will handle their long-distance marriage, so long as the only on-set romance that transpires is that of Langston and Markko.

At the gym, Cristian promises that Vimal’s incarceration isn’t Rama’s fault, but she knows that’s untrue.  She panics about forgetting to visit, but is appreciative when Cris offers her a ride.

Vimal is expecting Rama when Marty arrives.  She mixed up Cole’s schedule, but when she tries to leave, Vimal recognizes her from the lab, and he believes their “fates are intertwined.”  Impending fatherhood has altered his perspective; his crimes are beyond horrible, but Marty cryptically reveals that they have much in common. 

Rama arrives, and he worries about her, but she’s living in the lap of luxury and surrounded by friends, like Cristian.  He’s jealous of “Mr. Best Arms,” but Cris is just a friend.  In the hall, Cris bumps into Marty, who drops Natalie’s paternity test.  He wonders why she’s carting around the test, and she smiles, claiming it’s a reminder of what she’s capable.  Vimal and Rama hate saying goodbye, but his sacrifice is worthwhile.  He orders Cristian to remain hands-off, but asks a confused Cris to protect Rama in her “delicate condition.”