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The Bay Creator Working on Gritty Biopic The Southside, Starring Kristos Andrews and Dr. Dre's Son Curtis Young

Gregori J. Martin is one busy man. When he isn't writing, directing and producing the latest chapter of scandalous web soap opera The Bay, he's working on a project that's quite close to his heart, a film about a slain family member.


Martin is currently in New York City working on The Southside a biopic inspired by the unsolved murder of his cousin  Robert Areizaga, Jr. Starring The Bay's breakout star Kristos Andrews in the lead role, The Southide also counts Latin hip hop sensation Cuban Link and  Curtis Young—son of rap icon Dr. Dre— among the cast.  Shooting on the film will begin in mid-April. Look for The Southside to premiere on January 20, 2012.  

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