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General Hospital:Perkie's Observations

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Michael doesn’t understand Carly’s point about staying away from Abby for a bit, while Brandon's murder investigation is underway.  He tells her she wouldn’t stay away if it was Sonny or Jason, but she reminds him that he’s on probation. Michael insists he’s not bailing on Abby.

Jax shows up and Carly explains the Mabby situation to him.  He reminds her that Michael is a grown up and won’t listen to her.  He asks about Franco, but there’s no news and he mentions his dislike of Shawn being in their lives.  Carly asks him why he’s not with Brenda, and he’s shocked when Carly tells him about Lucian. 

Dante shows up at the penthouse looking for Jason, but finds Spinelli, who insist on knowing Dante’s business.  Dante tells him the autopsy makes it look like Jason is the guilty suspect, but he doesn’t think Jason did it.  Diane arrives and Dante says he’s trying to take the light off of Michael and Jason. He asks her about the new lawyer that Brandon acquired and the clients does she usually represent.  Diane says Angela Dwyer often represents the other mob families, including the Zacchara's. Dante leaves with that information.

Lisa runs into Johnny on the street, just as Robin and Patrick are walking by and Patrick is annoyed at the run in.  Johnny feels it’s a public street.  Robin says Johnny has no idea what she’s been through, since he didn’t live it.  Patrick says Lisa will stop at nothing to get her way.  Lisa says she’s not following them and to stop picking on her.  Patrick warns Johnny that Lisa will follow through on her threats.  When Scrubs walks away, Johnny turns on Lisa and warns her that she’ll be sorry if Patrick’s words come true. 

Brenda and Lucian run into Kristina at Kelly’s and Kris is shocked to hear Lucian identity.  Brenda explains what happened and that she and Sonny are getting used to the new family.  Kristina is clearly upset, but offers to have a family brunch. However, Brenda brushes her off saying the three of them need to bond for a while before letting the rest of the family in. 

Lisa runs into Kristina, who explains that she’s upset about Lucian and that Sonny will have less time for her now, just as they were getting closer. She goes on to say that Taylor got into the school of his choice and she’s very stressed out.  Lisa offers to get her an herbal remedy and insists it will help her.  Back at the hospital, Lisa switches medicines.

Alexis stops by the hospital and Jax tells her about Lucian.  Alexis mentions keeping Kristina away from Sonny and isn’t sure moving Lucian into that house is a good idea.  Jax says he’s going to go and check out the situation. 

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Diane stops by the Corinthos house looking for Max, and gets annoyed when he says he’s working 24/7.  She wonders why, until Brenda shows up and explains about Lucian. 

Patrick’s worried about Johnny’s involvement with Lisa, saying he enables her crazy because of his feelings for Claudia. He wonders how much worse things will get if Lisa has Johnny’s backing.  Robin feels Johnny wouldn’t condone Lisa’s behavior and thinks Johnny needs to step back. 

Johnny runs into Michael on the street and tells him he’s willing to let his lawyer, Angela Dwyer help him, but Michael says Diane is on the case.  Johnny mentions again that he’s willing to help. 

Carly goes to Abby to remind her of Michael’s anger issues and that she thinks Mabby should take a break, until the Brandon issue is over.  Michael arrives and gets angry with his mother.  She leaves, but not before she tells him she won’t ignore the problem.

Michael tells Abby he doesn’t want them to break up, even temporarily; since he doesn’t want to go back to the guy he was before he met her.  He explains Franco and his obsession with Jason.  Abby promises they’ll be together. 

Ethan runs into Kristina and asks for her help. He’s worried about Luke, who’s showing serious signs of remorse and defiance.  Kristina tells him to be there for his father, since they don’t have a messy history.  She tells him about Lucian and her feelings of how she’s now lost ground with Sonny.  Ethan tells her not to shut out Sonny out, because she’ll always have a place in his life. 

Lisa runs into Johnny on the street again and he tells her watching her behavior fascinates him. She informs him not to let what Robin and Patrick have to say get to him.  When she gets to Kelly’s, she finds Kristina in a much better mood, thanks to Ethan.

When Carly gets back to the hospital, she finds Alexis sitting with Josslyn and realizes that Jax went to Brenda.  Alexis is surprised she’s not upset, but Carly is resigned to it. She admits that Jax is a good father, but he has to deal with Brenda. 

Jax stops by to see Brenda and to congratulate her on Lucian.  She says she’s happy she now has her family, and feels the last missing piece of her life has fallen into place.  She just wonders how she’s going to figure out how to keep him safe in the crazy world she married into. 

Dante runs into Johnny and points out that all roads lead back to him, including the new lawyer. Dante wonders why Johnny is being so helpful to Mabby and what he has to gain from all this.