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Montel Williams Drug Paraphernalia Charges Dimissed

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EOnline is reporting drug paraphernalia charges against former talk show host Montel Williams have been dropped. Williams' legal drama all started last January, while traveling from Milwaukee where he participated in experimental treatments for his multiple sclerosis.

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At the Milwaukee airport, TSA agents discovered a pipe in his belongings and confiscated it from him at the security checkpoint. Williams was reportedly detained for a bit and was later given a $484 citation.

Williams has publicly supported medical marijuana usage and claims it helps him with the pain caused by MS. Once the pipe was tested for marijuana and came back negative, the prosecutor dropped the charges against Williams.

Williams spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and stated:

This isn't about somebody trying to do something illicit. I'm really just trying to take my medication. Hopefully this issue and incident will spark some conversations that will help more rational minds find a way to solve the problem and take the patients off the battlefield.

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