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One Life to Live Recap: Love Is A Battlefield

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Langston:  I wished for a family, and my wish came true.

Goodbye, Langston Wilde!  It's been a rollercoaster of emotion, sometimes good, sometimes bad.  However, I warmly wish Brittany Underwood all the best in her bright future endeavors!

Starr is annoyed to get James’ voicemail as she enters La Boulaie, but she’s thrilled by Markko’s presence.  He’s there to team up with Langston on David’s project, but unfortunately, it will take Langston away to the West Coast.  Langston’s amazed he’s even speaking to her, but Markko believes the past is just that.  Starr is grateful he remains a great friend to Cole, and he promises he will be always.  After Markko leaves to visit his parents, Langston admits to feeling a spark, but she thinks the connection stems only from first love.

When Langston decides a few months away from Starr will be too much, she tries to back out, but Starr won’t allow it.  They will always have a piece of each other, and Starr is so excited about Langston’s opportunity.  Langston is relieved Starr has James, but Starr knows it’s not the same.  They tearfully reminisce, knowing they’re not only best friends, but family.  They’ll keep in touch, or at least try to, but they will miss each other terribly.  Langston encourages Starr to go see James, and after Markko returns, she decides she’s leaving Starr in good hands.

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James enters his apartment with groceries, but he’s rattled when he finds Deanna traipsing around in sexy pajamas.  He admits he told Starr nothing, because Deanna will be gone before she even has the chance to meet Starr.  He’s bitter about their past and feels he no longer knows her, but he’s not inclined to rectify that because she did him a favor by dumping him.  He loves Starr now, but Deanna still loves him.  He insists she never loved him, per her claims, but she admits she lied; she “had to” lie.  Before she can clarify, Starr rings the doorbell.

Viki wistfully recalls her first meeting with Charlie, when Joey arrives, upset over having his first fight with Aubrey.  Viki wonders if Aubrey’s jealousy is warranted, but Joey claims his altercation with John was solely in defense of Natalie.  When Viki chokes out that old feelings are difficult to deny, Joey senses her despair, and she admits she and Charlie are in trouble.  Joey comforts his mother as she reveals that Charlie is most likely in love with someone else, but she asks that Joey keep their conversation to himself. 

Echo is surprised to find Charlie on her doorstep.  He asks about Shane, who is fine; though Rex didn’t confide in Echo.  They compare confrontations with Viki, and Echo wants to know Charlie’s game plan.  His plan includes both women, and Echo gets huffy until he explains he can’t abandon Viki mid-trial.  She squirms as he again blames Clint for sabotaging his life, so she redirects him.  They know they’ll become the town pariahs, but they’re eager to publicly revel in their love.  Alone, Echo smiles at Charlie’s picture.

Viki focuses on Joey’s complicated marriage, and she dares him to examine whether he answered honestly when Aubrey asked if he regretted their marriage.  She thinks Charlie has regrets, especially as he willfully dismissed Viki’s concerns over Echo’s interference.  Charlie arrives and Joey gives them time alone, staring down Charlie on his way out of the kitchen.  Viki beelines to the heart of the matter: is Charlie in love with Echo?  Yes, he is.

Kelly visits Clint, desperate for a sound bite on why Nora dropped all charges, but Clint would rather discuss Joey.  She blasts him for humiliating her with the flash drive footage, but Clint promises the video she saw was fake.  Kelly doesn’t care because she wants Joey to want her for her and not simply because Aubrey is a deceptive bitch. 

Tess busts Aubrey planting a kiss on Cutter.  Aubrey scrambles, but Tess determines they’re con artists after the Buchanan fortune.  Tess wants in, demanding half their take, and she threatens jail should they refuse.  She suggests they suspend the “public kissyface,” and calls Aubrey stupid for thinking herself invincible.  Aubrey snips that Tess is the dim one who fell for Cutter “faking Plan B,” but Tess incites Aubrey's jealousy, claiming Cutter delivered a compelling performance.  Aubrey drags Cutter out while Tess has her way with a random dude, and they worry Tess is a loose cannon.  Cutter teases that he’ll keep a close eye on Tess.

As Kelly exits with a flourish, Clint mocks a countdown and signals the door in time for Kelly to reenter.  She needs the truth; Aubrey and Cutter are lovers.  Unfortunately, Aubrey destroyed his last copy and Clint’s relationship with Joey is already tenuous, but Joey may believe Kelly.  Joey aims to find the good in others “to a fault,” but he deserves honesty, so Kelly and Clint plan to expose the scam artists.