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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Nik shows up at Elizabeth's to check on her.  They talk about Lucky and how he blames himself for not stopping Luke from drinking. Liz is worried about him and feels he needs Nikolas.  Nik tells her that he and Lucky have made up.  She’s glad they’re friends again and Nik says he wants to help both of them through this.

Sonny and Max discuss Lucian and how Brenda wants him to grow up as normal as possible.  Diane shows up and Sonny tells her that she needs to draw up papers giving Brenda legal rights to Lucian.  Diane asks if a DNA test was done, but it wasn’t.  Sonny says he doesn’t trust Suzanne and wants to make sure everything is fine. Diane asks him what his role in the child’s life will be, since she’s sure he doesn’t want another child.  Sonny tells her to stay out of his private life. 

Olivia stops by Dante’s.  He tells her his suspicions of Johnny setting up Michael to get to Sonny.  She tells him that he needs to stop thinking like a cop and tell Sonny about it.   Dante doesn’t want to trigger a war.

Michael stops by Johnny’s because he wants to question the staff of the strip club.  Johnny tells him to play it cool and stay away, so that he doesn’t look suspicious.  Johnny says he’s looking out for Michael, and Michael wonders why Johnny doesn’t want revenge against him for Claudia.  Johnny says he’s angry with Sonny, not Michael, and that he doesn’t blame Michael for anything.

Lulu and Maxie have coffee at Kelly’s.  Maxie offers to treat her to a day at the spa, but Lulu feels she has to deal with family issues.  Talk turns to Lucky and Lulu says he and Liz should deal with this together. Maxie warns her not to push Lucky and Liz back together, since it won’t make their problems go away, and will probably be a disaster. 

Steven meets Olivia at Kelly’s and says he’s worried about Liz. He goes on to say he's still having a hard time dealing with what happened. Olivia reminds him he can’t bury himself in his work and asks him on a date, which he accepts. 

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Dante stops by Sonny’s and is shocked when Sonny tells him about Lucian.  Dante wonders if that changes things for Sonny, who admits he doesn’t want any more children, but he loves Brenda. It’s hard to bring up children in his world, but they need to adjust.  Dante tells him about Brandon and his thoughts that Johnny is exploiting the situation.  Sonny asks if he’s protecting Michael, and makes it clear he doesn’t want Michael to suffer .  Dante tells him not to start a war, but Sonny warns him that if Johnny is behind all of this, he will shut him down. 

Maxie goes to see Matt and lets him know she told Lulu not to push Lucky and Liz back together. He doesn’t understand why she would feel that way.  She explains her past with Lucky to him and that she doesn’t like Liz.  Matt feels she’s being too hard on herself, but Maxie admits she’s wished bad things on Liz. However, she swears it was not the death of her child, and feels she needs to make it up to Liz.

When Dante gets home to Lulu, she talks about Lucky and how she wishes he had more faith in Luke.  Dante mentions the difficulty in drawing the line between personal and professional, and tells her his thoughts on Johnny.  Lulu thinks there’s no way Johnny would exploit Michael that way, because he's crazy, but not that way.  Dante decides maybe Johnny killed Brandon as a favor to Michael. 

Michael stops by his father’s house and Sonny says he knows about the Brandon mess.  Michael swears he, Abby and Jason are not the guilty party, but Sonny’s concern is about Johnny.  It wouldn’t be beneath him to plant evidence against Michael, and use him as leverage against Sonny.  Michael wonders why Johnny would break the peace, but Sonny tells him that if Johnny reaches out to him again, to shut him down. 

Olivia runs into Johnny and wonders what he’s up to.  He denies anything, but she sees through him, and says she refuses to believe that he would purposefully hurt Michael.

Steven is surprised to see Liz at the hospital, but she says she needs to get back to her life.  He tells her she needs time to grieve, but she says she’ll be grieving forever and needs to deal with Cam and Aiden and her job.  He tells her as chief of staff, he’s ordering her to go leave, but suggests she needs a change of scenery and to go spend time with Sarah.  She agrees to go, but says she has something important to deal with first.

Michael comes home and is upset with Dante for telling Sonny about Johnny.  Dante says Sonny had a right to know.  Dante tells him to stay clear of the investigation and Michael believes everyone thinks he’s weak and stupid. Dante understands the need to be in control, but Michael needs to back off. 

Johnny’s on the phone with Papa Z again, when Sonny knocks on his door.  Sonny asks if he’s trying to frame Michael, but Johnny says he likes the kid.  Sonny warns him away. 

Maxie shows up at Liz’s with a potted plant and lets herself into the house.  She looks around for paper to leave a note and finds the letter from the lab.  She opens it and reads the results, which clearly state that Lucky is Aiden’s father, with 99% certainty.