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Brian Frons on AMC and OLTL: "Their Time Here Has Come to an End"

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The Wrap spoke with ABC Daytime President Brian Frons on fans campaigning to have All My Children and One Life To Live reurn to the airwaves.

Some fans will almost definitely lobby to get these shows back on the air. Is there any way that will happen?

No. We really spent a lot of time learning from our success with  The View, talking to viewers about what they're looking for and we have tremendous respect for the passion of our serial fans but we're at a point with these two shows as much as they've done for the network and as much as we appreciate them. Their time here has come to an end and we're going to spend our efforts trying to make a success out of the two new shows The Chew and The Revolution which are in genres that as we talk to viewers they want more of.

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