Celebrity Apprentice Star Marlee Matlin: "Goodbye, Erica Kane. You were GREAT"

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Count Oscar-winning actresses among soap opera fans reeling tonight over the cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live. Marlee Matlin, who is currently appearing on NBC's hit reality series Celebrity Apprentice,tweeted about her love of AMC and the time she met Susan Lucci and the late Ruth Warwick.


Who imagined that the Welcome to Pine Valley sign would ever come down? All My Children axed. Goodbye, Erica Kane. You were GREAT.

I remember how excited I was to meet Ruth Warwick, aka Phoebe Tyler and Susan Lucci, THE Erica Kane. Wonderful AMC memories.

I really don't think Disney and ABC realize the cultural ramifications of their actions. Unbelievable.

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