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Brian Frons Jokes About Entering Witness Protection Program After Dismantling ABC Soap Lineup


It's good to see ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons still has his witty sense of humor following a bloodbath that just put hundreds of daytime soap opera professionals out of work, not to mention a good chunk of the staffs of Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest.  In an interview with Deadline, Frons jokes about having "pre-entered the witness protection program prior to today's events." Yeah right. How would he go on his "I Killed The Soap Opera, But Hey Whaddya Think of My Crappy Reality Shows?" press tour if he were to go into hiding?

Elsewhere in the piece, Frons finally admits that ABC had been developing as many as 15 projects to replace the network's soaps for over a year. So that means each and every time ABC Daytime's PR machine uttered words like "rumors" "zeitgeist", "inaccurate" and "pejorative" when asked about the projects the press heard they were developing,  they were in fact lying like whores at confession.

Other gems from the chatfest include Frons admitting he thought about giving Bravo's Andy Cohen a daytime show and that he wasn't in talks with Katie Couric about coming to ABC. Translation: Be very afraid General Hospital fans. 

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