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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Elizabeth feels she needs to make things right with Lucky, but Steven thinks Lucky hasn't been around enough for Liz. He feels they need to lean on each other at a time like

this.  Liz believes she let Lucky down and he’s angry with her for letting Jake walk out the door. 

Michael is upset that Dante went to Johnny and does not want to do as he’s being told.  He’s angry that the system let him and Abby down, but Dante reminds him that Abby dropped the charges, which allowed Brandon to come back after her.  Michael wants to find who killed Brandon and Johnny will help him.  Dante points out that Michael wants into the mob and Johnny is his way in.  He wants Michael out of the mob, and reiterates that Sonny doesn’t want that life for him.  Michael wants to be like his father.  Dante says Sonny feels guilty for everything that happened to Michael.  Michael feels he’ll deal with whatever happens, and Dante says he won’t go against him. 

Sonny thinks Johnny wants to frame Michael for Brandon’s death, but Johnny says he’s trying to save him.  Sonny feels he honored the truce and wants Johnny to stay away from his kids.  Johnny says he’s only trying to be friends with Michael, but Sonny wants him to have a different life than he’s had. 

Lucky shows up at Liz’s house, so Maxie hides the DNA letter from him. She swears up and down that she didn’t just let herself into the house, but that Nik’s nanny was there picking up the boys to take to Wyndemere and she let Maxie in.   Lucky says he can’t be with Liz, because he thinks she blames him because of Luke.  Maxie defends Lucky, saying he’s not responsible for what his father does. However, Lucky believes he should have stopped Luke’s drinking long ago.  Maxie tells him guilt is a waste of time and Lucky needs to forgive himself. 

Nikolas shows up, so Maxie takes off.  He tells Lucky that Liz needs him, but Lucky’s still concerned that Liz blames him. 

Jason sees a pamphlet about the fertility procedure and Sam tells him about Carly’s offer to carry their baby.  Sam wonders how she can help him.  Sam feels they shouldn’t replace Jake with another baby and wants to give him her support.  Jason thanks her for understanding. 

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Tracy finds Luke at the Star, saying she knows he wanted to torch the place.  She tells him she understands the need to work to deal with the pain, but that he needs to come home and she’ll hire a cleaning crew to get the Star back up and running.  Luke says he tried to drive home, but it reminded him of that night, so he couldn’t do it.  Tracy tells him he needs to get off his butt and offers to drive them to lunch.  He wonders if she doesn’t trust him to drive.  She throws a ball at him, but he misses it.  He swears he has to drive, but she admits he drinks a lot.  He tosses the ball back at her, which she catches easily. Tracy figures it’s probably because she’s in better shape than he is, or that she hasn’t been drinking. 

Steve stops by Lucky’s to berate him for not supporting Liz, since her pain mirrors Lucky’s and she thinks Lucky blames her.  Lucky feels responsible for Luke, because he should have gotten him sober.  If he'd done that, maybe Jake would be alive. 

Michael goes back to Johnny to ask if he set him up with Brandon.  Johnny denies it, even though they have the same lawyer.  Johnny swears he’s not trying to burn Michael, but Michael feels he saw an opening to work him and turn him against Sonny.  Johnny tells him Sonny has the power and gets justice in his own way, but wants Michael to be squeaky-clean. 

Johnny explains how violence takes it toll and the result is losing the people you love, either to prison or death.  Johnny tells Michael that he won’t offer him a job, but if he shows up again, he won’t turn him away. 

Sonny drops by the penthouse to explain to Jason his visit with Johnny and how he doesn’t think Johnny set up Michael, but is trying to recruit him.  Sonny says he needs to keep Johnny away from Michael.  Sonny feels it’s only a matter of time before Johnny makes a mistake.  Sonny doesn’t want Michael to follow in his footsteps.

Tracy stops by Lucky’s to tell him his father needs him and if he doesn't help, something bad will happen. Luke blames himself and is in serious trouble. Lucky feels he can’t stay sober himself while trying to get Luke sober, but Tracy feels he will lose his father as well as his son. 

Steven pops by the Star to tell Luke that Lucky needs his help. Steven goes to say Lucky's so busy blaming himself for not helping Luke; he can’t be there for Liz.  Steve tells him to stop wallowing in guilt and expecting his kids to take care of him, because Lucky can’t deal with the grief.

Dante meets with Sonny, who tells him Johnny’s becoming a problem, because he’s trying to recruit Michael. Sonny wants to know what Dante will do about it.  Dante swears Michael won’t listen to him, but Sonny tells him to arrest Johnny for something, which Dante is not willing to do.  Sonny tells Dante to save Michael from turning into him.  

Liz comes home to find Nikolas waiting for her.  She thanks him for the flowers, but he says they came from Maxie.  After Nikolas leaves, Liz looks for the DNA letter.  Maxie shows up and Liz asks if Maxie is planning on blackmailing her with it.  Maxie swears she only took the letter to make sure Lucky didn’t see it.  Maxie wonders who else knows, but Liz says only the two of them.  Maxie says Lucky deserves to know, since it will help his grieving to learn that he has a son. 

Michael goes to Jason to tell him that Johnny is not trying to frame him.  Jason wonders why Michael trusts Johnny, but Michael says they have a lot in common, being raised in the mob. Michael also points out that Johnny has helped him and Abby.  Jason tells him that Johnny is trying to recruit him to work for the Zacchara's and wonders if he wants that to happen.  Michael again mentions the system not working for him, but Jason says Johnny will ask him and he needs to turn him down. Jason tries to drill into Michael that he gave up Jake for this life and had to watch him die. The business cost Jason his son and it’s not worth it.