Kim Kardashian Says Big Sis Kourtney Killed One Life to Live


Reality TV princess Kim Kardashian jokingly theorized to Pop Eaterthat her sister Kourtney's recent cameo appearance on One Life to Live tanked the almost 43-year-old serial. Okay, now y'all know I love my Kardashians, but come on, Kimmy. This shiz ain't funny!


Hundreds of people are out of work, and millions of soap fans are grieving for soaps that have been with us since 1968 and 1970 (All My Children) respectively; a little respect please. As much of a guilty weekend marathon pleasure as it is for me, I seriously doubt anyone will be able to say they passed down Keeping Up With The Kardashians from one generation of their family to the next.  Watch the clip, plus one of Kourtney's appearance in Llanview as Kassandra Kavanaugh, after the jump!

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