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One Life to Live Recap: Landslide

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Clint:  You asked me to be a human being...  I’m trying.

Well, today delivered not only a devastating blow to "One Life to Live", but to the daytime genre as a whole.  As we’re forced to say goodbye to what amounts to integral pieces of our own lives, as bestowed upon us through generational viewing in many cases, I find that I am caught in an emotional form of Tourette’s, as I am sure are many of you.  While I do not look forward to this difficult trek to the end, I am quite grateful that I am not making the journey alone.  I encourage all you devotees to stay strong through the end (of "AMC", as well), because you will only regret abandoning ship now before you have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye.

Viki smacks Clint with her bitterness that Charlie left her for Clint’s ex-mistress, and when Clint tries to offer his support, Viki blasts him for setting everything in motion by giving Charlie a son only to take him away.  Clint moves to console Viki, who insists she’s fine until she crumbles in his arms.  Clint wonders if Viki might be able to forgive Charlie, and she’s amazed that Clint, of all people, is suggesting forgiveness of infidelity.  He wants to see Viki happy, but she’s resolute that there’s no hope for her and Charlie.

Viki thinks Joey spilled the beans, but it was Echo, and Viki demands the details of Echo’s gloating.  Clint covers that Echo came to him regarding Shane, and Viki is aghast and feeling guilty that she didn’t see the signs.  Clint wants payback, and Viki wonders if he’s finally embracing that branch of his family, but he just thinks that no child should be subjected to such trauma.  Clint offers to rejoin Viki’s custody petition, but she’s not sure of the merits.  Outside, Clint calls Echo, assuring her he will keep her secret that she knew of Rex’s paternity.

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Blair brings Jack to the carriage house to apologize, but she’s confronted by an enraged Rex, who blurts that Shane tried to commit suicide.  Gobsmacked, Blair profusely apologizes, but Rex unveils a litany of Shane’s pain.  Though shaken, Jack thinks Shane was just seeking attention, and Rex grabs him and slams him into the wall.  Echo arrives, pulling Rex off of Jack.  Though Blair’s sympathetic to Rex’s anger, she warns him against ever threatening her son again.  As Blair drags Jack away, he promises he never meant for things to escalate to this point. 

No longer able to control his rage, Rex punches and kicks the doorframe until he slides to the floor in tears.  Echo gathers him in her arms as he reveals the truth, blaming himself for everything wrong in Shane’s life.  Echo promises to be there for Rex and Shane every step of the way.  Later, there’s a knock, and Rex opens the door to Clint.

Back at La Boulaie, Jack wants Rex arrested.  Blair admits that Rex’s actions were wrong, though his intentions were understandable.  Blair goes ballistic when Jack snarks that he should “jump off a roof,” screaming that the situation is not a game and she wants to know that he’s sorry.  She’s relieved when Jack admits that he didn’t mean it, but her solace is short-lived when Jack labels Shane “weak”, insisting that Todd would understand and Blair doesn’t “get it.”

Kelly arrives at La Boulaie in a bitchy mood.  Dorian is excited to tell her of David’s project, but she demands full disclosure in return.  Kelly is reticent, but eventually reveals the truth about Aubrey and Cutter.  Dorian worries about Joe, but she’s comforted that Clint probably has a plan of full-scale payback in motion.  Kelly insists there’s no plan because Clint has established himself as untrustworthy in the eyes of his family.  Dorian thinks the truth falls to Kelly, but she’s intent on moving on.  Alone, Dorian decides to the truth is up to her.

Aubrey and Cutter get into a heated argument over Tess, forcing each other to prove their love by dropping Tess and Joey.  The plan has gone awry, but it must be salvaged.  Cutter promises to handle Tess as Joey enters, demanding clarification.  Cutter covers that he wants to help save Jessica, and Joey encourages him, willing to try anything to bring back Jessica.  Later, Joey apologizes for being untruthful and making Aubrey feel inferior.  She requests he bar Kelly from darkening their doorstep, and without hesitation, he agrees; Aubrey is his future.

Ford returns home after picking up Ryder, and he’s surprised to see Tess return moments later.  She reveals she and Cutter were interrupted by Aubrey, and Ford is furious she got caught.  She promises everything’s under control, but he’s dubious.  Ford can’t calm a crying Ryder, so under the guise of shutting up the kid, Tess embraces Ryder and delivers an all-too-fateful recitation:

Tess:  Goodnight hunks, Goodnight Jessica, Goodnight drunks, Goodnight Todd’s body count, Goodnight Bess, Goodnight my bank account, Goodnight Lords, Goodnight Fords, Goodnight to Llanview, one and all.

Tess briefly appears charmed, but she hands off Ryder “before Jess comes back.”  Cutter arrives, alerting Tess to their newly-minted cover story.  She seduces him until Ford interrupts.  As Cutter leaves, Tess winks that she’s eager to take the Buchanans for all they’re worth.

Tomas catches Tea snooping.  She confronts him, but Tomas claims it’s research, not trusting Todd especially upon discovering he has a new face.  Tea thinks Tomas is under the impression that Todd is not Todd, but she insists there are DNA tests.  Tomas mocks the reliability of said tests, but Tea believes the proof is truly in Todd’s personality.  She thinks Tomas is the suspicious party, not knowing him since childhood.  He’s merely protective of his sister, but she questions if he’s Todd’s shooter.  He promises he’s innocent, and Tea claims to believe him, but once alone, Tomas returns to his envelope and deems Tea “too trusting.”