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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie wonders when Liz plans on telling Nik and Lucky the truth, but she’s not sure what to do.  Liz feels Aiden is starting to look more and more like Lucky, which is why she got the second test done.  Talk turns to Jake and Liz blames herself for not hearing him go out the door.  Maxie reminds her it was an accident and not to blame herself.  Maxie says both Nik and Lucky deserve to know the truth, but Liz isn’t sure breaking Nik’s heart to repair Lucky’s is a good idea. Maxie reiterates they deserve the truth and says she’ll tell them, but Liz decides it should come from her.

Tracy tells Lucky that Luke needs him and Lucky finds it ironic that everyone seems to need him, but that he’s just trying to get through the day.  Tracy feels he’s the only one who can get through to Luke, but Lucky says he can’t drag his father to do the meeting. He can’t look at him without thinking of that night and there’s nothing he can do, because it’s up to Luke. 

Brenda and Suzanne are bonding over Lucian, and Brenda thanks her for bringing her son home to her.  After Suzanne leaves, Brenda wonders what Sonny’s issue is, and he reveals he's worried that the boy isn’t really hers and the documents could be faked. He wants to have a DNA test should be done.  Brenda doesn’t understand why he keeps telling her not to get too attached.  She feels Suzanne has no reason to lie now, but Sonny’s worried that Lucian will be hurt in the long run. Brenda swears the boy will never be taken away from her because he’s hers and she loves him. 

Brenda understands the need for the guards and feels it’s a trade off for having Sonny as Lucian’s father, because he loves his kids and is loyal to them.  Sonny mentions the problems Michael is having, but Brenda blames that on Carly and her selfish choices.  Sonny says he’ll always be a target and will do his best to protect the boy, but it might not be enough. 

Jason feels it’s a mistake for Michael to work for Johnny, because the business takes your heart and soul.  Michael wonders if Jason regrets joining the business. Jason explains that all he wanted was to get away from his family and Sonny had no expectations of him, but that in hindsight, he wouldn’t have taken the job.  Jason tells him he needs to figure out what will make him happy, but Michael feels having independence, power, and being in control is what he wants. 

Jason explains how bleak his life was after the accident. He pushed everyone away, including Alan and later realized Alan was only looking out for him.  He feels badly that he said horrible things to his father and never made it right, but that he learned from that.  He tells Michael that he won’t turn his back on him, no matter what decision he makes.  Michael says he heard him, but needs to make his own choices.

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Steve is still trying to get someone to help Liz with her grief and goes to see Luke. He tells Luke that he wants him to put someone else ahead of his pain, and allow Lucky to help Liz grieve.

Maxie stops by Lucky’s with some flowers.  Lucky feels guilty about Luke, but Maxie tells him that he’s not responsible for his father.  She apologizes to him for her role in breaking up his marriage, which led to Jake being conceived, but Lucky doesn’t regret Jake.  Maxie explains that it was hard for her to get over losing Georgie, but that she had good people around her, helping, including Spinelli. She hopes he has someone like that to help him. 

Sam stops by to see Liz and offers her condolences. She also apologies for all the horrible things she did when Jake was first born, explaining that she did it all out of jealousy.  Liz says she has a better understanding now, because she failed Lucky during his addiction and ran into Jason’s arms instead.  She wishes she could have been strong for Lucky back then.  Sam says to let her know if she ever needs anything.  Liz gives her the yellow motorcycle to give back to Jason.

When Sam gets home, she tells Jason she went to see Liz and feels badly for the choices she made, so she apologized.  Sam gives him the motorcycle, which means a lot to him, but talk turns to Michael and Jason explains that he can’t stop him.  Sam tells him he needs to let Michael make his own mistakes and learn from them. 

Tracy goes back to see Luke, who’s now happily on his next bottle of booze.  He realizes that she’s been to see each of his children, and correctly guesses what their reactions were; Ethan doesn’t think anything is wrong, Lulu’s worried he really is an alcoholic and Lucky thinks he’s hopeless.  Tracy says they all agreed that they’ll end up burying him too. 

Sonny goes to see Suzanne, reminding her that he can make her disappear anytime she wants. She claims she was only protecting Lucian until Theo was dead, so she could bring him back to Brenda.  Sonny mentions his life is as dangerous, but she feels he’ll give the boy a stable life.  Sonny says he doesn’t believe anything she says, but Suzanne swears she loves Brenda. Suzanne goes on to say Sonny’s just mad because he now has to share Brenda with Lucian and that if he wants, she can take the boy back and disappear.

Michael stops by Sonny’s to see him, but finds Brenda instead.  He mentions that Kristina told him about not overwhelming Lucian, but Brenda’s apologetic and wonders about his childhood with Sonny.  Michael admits he loves his father, but is glad Morgan and Josslyn are being raised by Jax, away from the business. 

Nikolas stops by, so Maxie runs off. Lucky discuss Luke and how Lucky doesn’t want to be angry with his father, but his actions speak differently.  Nikolas tells him that Luke will never ask for his help.  Liz shows up, as the boys are getting chummy.