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One Life to Live Recap: Anxiety


Nora:  If Clint hadn’t manipulated Matthew and got him all riled up, Matthew never would’ve pulled that trigger.  Matthew never, ever would’ve shot Eddie.  Everything that happened that night was Clint’s fault, not Matthew’s!

Author's Note:  To all those in the Chicago area, my friend, Rob Hart of WGN, asked me to be on his radio show to discuss the AMC/OLTL cancellations. Tune in: Saturday, April 16 - 2:05pm - WGN720

Bo is lost in thought on the balcony when Nora runs into the living room, terrified that Matthew ran away, but Bo allowed him to go see Destiny.  Nora doesn’t blame Matthew for wanting to pretend everything’s normal, and Bo promises they will figure things out.  Nora dissects Matthew’s state of mind the night of the murder, and she’s certain his actions were impulsive, but he only committed them because of Clint.  Matthew did pull the trigger, and Bo thinks they need to take their chance in court.

Nora panics that even if Matthew managed “the deal of the century,” he would still face prison time, possibly from a judge who is bent on making an example of their child.  Bo wants Nora to think of Matthew as simply another client, but she finds that impossible.  Bo believes the Fords deserve closure, and he worries that burying Matthew’s crime will not only instill in him the wrong sensibilities, but fracture them as a couple and as a family. 

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Destiny bops along to the “Access Llanview” theme song as Matthew arrives at the cafe.  She apologizes to him for thinking the worst of Clint, but she thinks Bo is covering for Clint, though she doesn’t understand why, and Matthew’s jumpy demeanor concerns her.  She badgers a panicked Matthew until she has an epiphany: Nora is the killer!  Matthew insists otherwise, but when Phyllis Rose threatens a “Buchanan Bombshell,” Matthew storms out “like a bat out of hell,” startling Destiny, John, and Marty.

Clint drops by the carriage house, having heard about Shane’s bullying, but Rex slams the door in his face.  Clint is concerned about “[his] grandson,” but Rex feels he’s only worried about Shane because Clint has alienated everyone else.  Rex attributes Shane’s downward spiral to being collateral damage to Clint’s crimes.  Clint sneers that Rex should’ve taught Shane to “roll with the punches,” but he’s rendered mute when Rex reveals Shane attempted suicide.  Clint hasn’t earned the right to details, and Rex insists he and Shane are a package deal.  Rex cops to his past, but he’s changed, as has Clint, but only one of them for the better.  Rex orders Clint to leave his family alone as Clint sadly advises him to take care of Shane.

Nigel brings Rama popcorn, and he’s excited when she invites him to join in her “Access Llanview” viewing party.  Dorian arrives, and she’s offended when Rama shushes her, but she watches as Phyllis promises a shocker.  Phyllis accuses Dorian of “being asleep at the wheel” in a mayoral capacity, and Rama and Nigel are tickled when Dorian leaves in a huff.  Rama’s laughter subsides, however, when Phyllis reports on her being seen with “Mr. Best Arms.” 

Dorian rings the doorbell, demanding to know why Bo and Nora are covering for Clint.  Scared, Nora freezes as Bo explains the case isn’t airtight, and the judge demanded nothing less.  Dorian orders them to find the killer, threatening their jobs should they fail.  On Dorian’s way out, Nora reminds her that Nora is an elected official.  Bo decides to visit Clint, but Nora doesn’t want to let him go.  He promises a solution, though Nora feels every option is a nightmare. 

Nigel has no sympathy for Vimal, but he’s curious how Rama has hurt her “poor Vimal.”  They’re interrupted when Clint bellows, ordering them out of his library.  Clint makes a call, instructing someone to find Shane’s bullies.  Clint is surprised when Bo arrives to alert him to Dorian “sniffing around.”  Bo asks that Clint, being the only one in the know, keep quiet about Matthew.

Matthew rushes home, instructing Nora to turn on the television.  She wraps her arm around her son as he fear Phyllis Rose is about to out him as a murderer.

Cristian stops by Llanfair with a baby gift and to inform Natalie of Marty strangely carting around the test results.  Natalie finds worrying about Marty to be pointless.  She confides that she and John had a blowup over the sonogram and the ring.  Cris wonders why the sonogram bothers her so much, and Natalie likens it to an intimate reminder of their past. 

Nat and Cris laugh when Phyllis refers to Cristian as “a burning hunk of man love,” but Natalie freaks when it’s revealed that Cris is hanging out with the wife of the “DNA Demon,” insisting that rebounding with a married woman is a recipe for disaster.  Vimal already warned him about Rama’s “delicate condition,” and Natalie determines she’s pregnant, though Cristian doesn’t think so because Rama was drinking.  On his way out, he suggests Marty simply hasn’t cleaned out her purse in a while, but once alone, Nat worries about Marty’s motives.

Marty sits in a booth, staring at the paternity test, when John wanders over.  She invites him for coffee, and issues a blanket apology for all she’s done.  He tells her about the sonogram incident, and Marty cryptically asks if Liam were revealed as John’s son, would John forgive Natalie?  He believes what’s done is done.  Marty wonders if she and John might be friends again, and John is encouraging.  She invites him to a thank you dinner for all his help, and he humbly accepts.