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Watch Then We Got Help's "She'll Lao Tsu You"

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There is no better way to decompress at the end of the week than having a good laugh. Thankfully, the folks of Then We Got Help have just the remedy, their latest episode “She’ll Lao Tsu You.” This week the recently introduced bisexual Vance (Eric Anderson) returns, but this time it is his boyfriend Scotty (Shane Jacobsen) he introduces to the incredulous group. 

Everyone reacts differently, but Jenny’s (Jessica Rush) “They’re like Big Love on HBO, but without Amanda Seyfried or religion” and Dan’s (Nicholas Rodriguez) “Eric named Vance Anne Heche…because he keeps switching sides” are two of my favorite lines. 

If Then We Got Helps’ romantic entanglements don’t have you laughing, by the time Terry (Sean Mahon) deadpans “Lao Tsu just bit Annie in the ass” you’ll be spitting out your Polish vodka.

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This week Then We Got Help announced some big news. Darren Le Gallo–who has appeared on such series as The Big Bang Theory and Six Feet Under–has joined the Then We Got Help cast as Emily's (Julie Ann Emery) husband for the remainder of the second season. Watch this week’s episode “She’ll Lao Tsu You” after the jump!