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Guys Will be Missing The Stories Too!


Typically a genre of entertainment not directed at men, soaps still have a special place in quite a few boys' hearts. The cancellation of iconic soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live has been on every media outlet imaginable, even sports talk radio. CBS Dallas Ft. Worthcaught up with The Ticket'sDonovan Lewis who couldn't resist bringing up the cancellations on his sports radio talk show. 

There’s going to be a void for a lot of females and my heart is a little broken also.

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Lewis tells CBSDFW that AMC was his show back in college, a tactic he used to score points with the ladies, but as most soap fans learn, what brings you there is only the gateway. He got hooked on the storyines!

They had girls and violence and people dying and coming back to life. They had everything. Soap operas rule the world!” Lewis said passionately. “I know a lot of guys who got in it. A lot of guys won’t admit it.

I personally know plenty of men who love their soaps. They walk into my house all the time and know exactly who's on my screen. These cancellations are hitting everyone, everywhere.