One Life to Live's Farah Fath: "JP Was Being SARCASTIC!"

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I just got an email from One Life to Live star Farah Fath (Gigi)who wants to set the record straight about her on and offscreen love interest John-Paul Lavoisier's (Rex) statement toSoap Opera Digest. According to Fath, JP was just joshing:


Hey guess what!  JP was being SARCASTIC when he made that quote about Brian Frons!  JP and I could not disagree with his decision making MORE.  Please set the record straight on your website asap.  Thank you.

Okay, my bad, but in my defense, nothing in the statement denotes that it was intended as sarcasm, so I took it for face value. Anyhoo, glad to know JP doesn't support the douchetastic Fronsinator!