Tears of a Clown: Barbara Walters on a "Sensitive" Brian Frons

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Whoopi Goldberg brought up the cancellations of All My Children and One Life To Live on The View today. When it was time for The View co-creator, Barbara Walters  to weigh in, she revealed how "upset" ABC Daytime President Brian Frons was. Walters stated:

We all found out on Thursday and Brian Frons who is the head of daytime, was when he announced it, although it's was a terrible shock , he was about as sensitive... He was almost in tears himself.

Really, in tears? We all saw the video Frons made... He didn't look too torn up about blowing apart AMC and OLTL in favor of The Chew and The Revolution to me. Plus, didn't he just finish telling Deadline this had been in the works for over a year? Why would he be emotional if he's known about it for that long? ABC's lack of PR consistency strikes again!

Barbara Walters Photo by PR Photos.