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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Tragedy Strikes Thomas and Brooke!

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Ridge/Thomas/Steffy: The chiseled one gives Thomas an olive branch by announcing the women's Taboo line is back in production. Meanwhile, Steffy demands to have more of a say in Forrester Creations.

Thorne: He becomes upset about Thomas and Steffy being co-owners of Forrester Creations.

Stephanie: La Forrester is concerned about Ridge's feelings towards his first born.

Taylor: Doc speaks to Ridge about Thomas. Later, Taylor lights into Ridge for not telling her everything that has happened with Thomas. The two put their issues aside and work together.

Thomas/Brooke: Stepson and stepmom's trip to Australia becomes derailed when their plane experiences bad turbulence. Thomas takes matters into his own hands and shows Brooke how he is a chip off the old block. The two become even closer after their harrowing experience.

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The Forresters/The Logans: The two families are devastated by what happens with Thomas and Brooke.

Dayzee: She opens up to Stephanie about Thomas.

Bill/Katie: The Spencers marriage goes from bad to worse after they attend couples counselling. Bill opens up to Justin about the state of his union.

Bill/Ridge: The two adversaries work together.

Steffy: The hellcat tells tells her grandmother all about her feelings for a married man. Steffy's feelings for Bill grow even more when she sees him take charge of the crisis involving her family.

Hope: She turns to Liam for comfort.

Nick: He sees a picture of Brooke it affects him.