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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Vows Payback!

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Nicole/EJ/Taylor: Nicole plots revenge on her baby sister and husband after she spots them kissing. Meanwhile, Nicole starts to question EJ about Rafe.

Philip/Chloe/Kate: The song bird is spotted drinking in the afternoon by Daniel and Melanie. Daniel tries to get Chloe to stop and tells her the mix of booze and meds are a serious no-no. Chloe rips into Daniel and lets him know his advice is not welcome. Later, Chloe calls up Kate and lights into her. Unfortunately for Chloe, Kate gets it all on tape! Kate being the smart cookie she is, tricks Chloe into saying she's taking Parker away from everyone.

Meanwhile, Philip is trying to prove to a social worker that Chloe is a fit parent and should be in Parker's life. Later, Kate plays the tape for Philip regarding Chloe's threats to run off with Parker. Chloe tries to explain to Phillip that Kate set her up, but he isn't trying to hear it. Philip destroys Chloe's world by telling her he's splitting Salem with Parker and to say goodbye. Kate finds out her son's plans and is shocked and heartbroken. Her plan was to only get Philip sole custody, not run him off! Kate decides Chloe is the cause and rips her a new one.

Chad: He takes Stefano up on his offer to work for him, after a misunderstanding wtih Abby.

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Stefano: The Phoenix finds out Rafe has bolted from the asylum. Stefano pulls a fast one on Abby.

Victor: The Kiriakis patriarch makes amends with Melanie.

EJ: He tells Stefano he plans to leave Nicole.

Brady/Melanie/Dario: Mel offers a reward for information on Arianna's killer. Dario is touched by the gesture, but is nervous about her safety and tells her to pull it. Mel doesn't back down. Heading home, Melanie is attacked by a masked man who claims he killed Ari. Dario rides to Melanie's rescue and knocks the guy out, while she removes the attacker's mask.

Melanie is stunned to find out the person is Troy, a drug dealer Ari busted. Dario flips out and proceeds to give him a beat down promptly landing Troy to the hospital. Brady arrives later and gives Mel a shoulder to lean on. Dario tells Mel that Brady will cause her pain, just like he did with Ari. Brady spots Troy and realizes he's the dealer Ari arrested and is scared his employer will go after Melanie. He asks her to move in with him

CloneRafe: He gets down and dirty with a Cheatin' Heart customer and is spotted by Dario.

Sami: She returns home and takes "Rafe" back.