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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Suzanne offers Sonny the solution of giving Lucian back to her, so the boy will have a normal life away from Sonny's troubled world. However, Sonny isn’t going to manipulate Brenda into handing over her son.  Sonny wonders why Suzanne would remain so close to the woman who killed her son, but Suzanne insists she reunited mother and son, because it was the right thing to do.

Brenda tells Michael that Carly is the root of all problems, because she chose not to be united in raising her kids.  Michael defends his mother, warts and all, and says she was always there for him. Michael goes on to say Brenda just might learn a couple of things from Carly.  Brenda understands his devotion to his mother and feels she’s very overwhelmed right now, since she always wanted a family and her dream finally came true.

Jason and Sam talk about Jake and the fact that Jason gave him up for his own good; therefore no one is to blame for his death. However, Jason feels he should have fought for his son.  Before she heads off to work, he thanks her for the motorcycle, but she says to thank Liz.

Nikolas comforts Lucky who thanks him for being there to talk to because if he weren’t, Lucky would consider turning to the bottle.  Liz makes her presence known, but the more the brothers bond; she puts the letter back in her purse.  She apologizes to Lucky, but he says he doesn’t blame her, because he should have stopped Luke.

Nik takes Liz back home.  Maxie shows up and at first, assumes Liz told him the truth, but once Nik shows confusion, she claims she offered Liz a spa day to get her mind off her problems.  When Nikolas leaves, Maxie wonders why Liz didn’t tell the brothers about the paternity test. Liz says Nikolas is there for Lucky right now and she doesn’t want to blow them apart by taking Nikolas away from him. 

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Siobhan comes home and spirits Lucky out for a break.  When they come back, Lucky thanks her for being the fiery person she is.  They kiss.

Nikolas walks around his living room, holding the adorably big headed, fat cheeked Aiden and explains to him the joys of having brothers, who will have your back when you need it.  Nikolas explains to the baby that he’s grateful to be his father. 

Maxie calls Matt to her place to let him know she knows Liz’s secret and wonders if she should spill the beans.  Matt tells her to keep her mouth shut and let Liz tell her secret in her own time.

Nik goes back to Liz’s and makes small talk about Liz taking Maxie up on her spa offer.  Liz goes to the kitchen for wine.  When she gets back, Nikolas has the letter in his hand and she says she can explain. 

Michael gets back to the penthouse and spots the fertility pamphlet and wonders if JaSam are planning a baby.  Jason explains Carly’s idea to him and explains Sam’s fertility issues.  Jason admits he knows Sam wants the chance to be a mother and Michael claims to know all about undying love, thanks to Abby. He tells Jason that if they do decide to have a baby, not to let Jake’s death hold him back. He advises Jason to love the baby and be the best dad he can be. 

When Sam gets home and sees the pamphlet lying there, Jason says he explained things to Michael.  Sam swears she’s not interested in the procedure, but then amends that to say she does partly wish she could fix everything with a baby.

Sonny gets home and explains his visit with Suzanne to Brenda. He finishes his story by saying that he doesn’t like or trust her.  Brenda warns him again, that she won’t give up her son, and wonders if he has a problem with all of this.  She says he always calls Lucian “her” son and not "their" son. Brenda wonders why he was willing to be a father to Michael all those years ago, but not to her son.  Sonny reminds her that Lucian’s been with them for all of a week and can’t compare the two situations.  Brenda says she thinks Suzanne was protecting her from Theo and brought her the boy as soon as the coast was clear.  Sonny feels Suzanne is after something and wants to figure out what it is. 

Suzanne is on the phone with someone, asking about her grandson. Then, she tells the mysterious person that her work is almost done and she’ll soon be home for good.