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One Life to Live Recap: Bad Medicine

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Niki:  God, you’re annoying!  Oh, and it’s Niki Smith to you, bitch.  And I’m not dying... Niki Smith is alive!


Shout-out: Soaps live and die by relationship dynamics, and the mother/son duo of Hillary B. Smith and Eddie Alderson delivered in spades!

Tess delights in watching Phyllis Rose expose Echo and Charlie’s affair, but Ford is sympathetic to Viki.  Ford acknowledges that Viki tried to be fair to him, and Tess gets angry.  Viki as Niki “pimped out” her own child, causing Jessica to create Tess.  Ford is horrified, but Tess reminds him that he also took advantage of Jessica, and Tess “took one for the team” like she was designed to do.  Ford reaches out, but Tess won’t allow it and storms out, believing the only good man was Nash.

Viki and Natalie are floored when Phyllis airs the photo of Charlie and “Echo the Wrecko” kissing.  Natalie is certain the picture is fake, but Viki walked in on Echo and Charlie, who are in love.  Natalie’s sick of Tess, and plans to confront her, pointless or not.

Tess surprises a weary Viki, pleased to have her all to herself.  Immediately, Tess harangues her about her egregious failures as a wife and mother, insisting Ryder would be safer without Viki.  She viciously goads Viki until Viki hunches over the sink, not feeling well.  Tess ecstatically wonders if Viki is having a heart attack, teasing that she’s going to leave Viki to die again, but she’s speechless when Viki pops upright, proclaiming that Niki Smith is back.

Natalie encounters Ford, who doesn’t blame Tess for hurting Viki.  Natalie doesn’t fault Viki, based on her illness, and Ford thinks “Tess” deserves that same consideration.  Natalie knows Tess aims to hurt people, and she vows to make Tess regret it.

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Charlie calls Rex for an update on Shane even though he feels he doesn’t have a right to ask, but he states that Shane will always “feel” like a grandson.  After getting her reassuring voicemail from Clint, Echo is excited to make her “public debut” with Charlie. 

Destiny is annoyed when Dorian interrupts Access Llanview by deeming Phyllis untrustworthy.  Seeing the photo, Dorian rages until Destiny alerts her to Echo’s entrance into the cafe. 

Dorian is all-too-happy to burst Echo’s smug bubble.  Dorian reprimands Charlie for going back on his word and she feels for Viki, but Charlie promises Viki already knows the truth thanks to him.  He waxes on about his feelings for Echo, sickening Dorian, who slaps him in the face with the truth that Echo’s known about Rex’s true paternity all along.  Dorian advises him to “wise up,” and after Echo directs Dorian to talk to Clint, she defiantly decides to do so.  Charlie appears skeptical, but he assures Echo his belief in her is unwavering.

Destiny watches as Phyllis suspects Bo of covering for his bride, so Destiny tries to call Phyllis.  A reporter who wants the scoop overhears, and though leery, Destiny blathers on about Matthew’s certainty of Nora’s innocence, and Destiny’s desire to support her best friend, who she once kissed.  As she mentions that Matthew has been suffering a rough time, she’s saved by the bell when Blanca Morales is pulled away by a phone call.

Matthew fears the worst about Phyllis’ bombshell, and Nora’s irritated Matthew hasn’t given more thought to a plan.  Matthew thought Nate would be cleared, with Clint promising as much, and Nora loses it, insisting he realize Clint has been framing people and pitting people against each other.  She and Bo could lose their jobs for botching the case, and Matthew is sorry, but so is Nora.  She caused innocent people so much suffering, but Matthew admits it’s on him.  He would never ask his parents to break the law, and he decides he wants to confess. 

Bo wants Clint to promise not to turn in Matthew.  Clint blusters about playing the hero and keeping Matthew safe, but Bo blasts him for tearing apart Matthew.  Clint admits his initial intentions towards Matthew were ignoble, but wowed by Matthew’s intelligence, he vows Matthew will run B.E. someday, much to Bo’s dismay.  When Bo declares that Clint “lit the fuse,” Clint counters that Matthew pulled the trigger.  Clint metaphorically put the gun in Matthew’s hand, and Bo’s livid Matthew may pay for Clint’s crimes. 

Clint castigates Bo for not putting family first, but Bo refuses to teach his son that the Buchanans live by a separate set of rules because he fears Matthew will turn out like Clint, who is no role model.  He’s ruined lives and is unworthy of forgiveness.  Clint literally sweats as Bo promises some brand of justice, namely with Clint’s family closing their hearts to him.  Clint vows to keep quiet, but throws out Bo.  Alone, Clint drops his glass and clutches his chest, weakly calling for Nigel before collapsing to the floor in the throes of a heart attack.

Nora wonders if Matthew can live with the fact that he killed someone.  Clint made the murder “seem okay,” but Matthew knows that although Eddie was a terrible person, it wasn’t up to Matthew to end his life.  Nora is beside herself over the idea of Matthew going to prison, but he doesn’t believe there’s another option.  Bo returns, less than thrilled that Clint refuses to take any responsibility for setting up Matthew, but Nora believes Clint will eventually get what he deserves.

Gigi descends the stairs, wondering about the commotion, and Rex tells her about Clint’s visit.  Rex remains affected by Clint’s accusation that Shane wouldn’t be in trouble if Rex were a better father, and Gigi promises that Shane needs Rex.  They are committed to making sure Shane knows they’re a family, but Rex feels he needs to do more.  He drops to one knee and proposes to a surprised Gigi.