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UTTER INCOMPETENCE: SOAPnet Isn't Shutting Down in January 2012; Could Run at Same Time as Disney Junior "For Years"

They shall know the truth and the truth shall make them free. More and more people are coming forward to reveal what an inept leader ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons has been. Deadline's Nellie Andreeva has a new report about Frons' and business strategist Kate Nelson's failures to transition SOAPnet into a "Carrie" network aimed at the Sex and The City generation. When that failed,  "Disney Moms" was pitched. Both rebranding concepts were rejected by Disney.


A couple of years ago, they started a project to evolve SOAPNet into a new female network that was code named "Carrie".  Anne Sweeney had told them that they needed to evolve the network for the future, especially as more people had DVRs and just airing soaps at night was not enough.  They pitched an idea to make the network hip and cool for women basically the type of woman that Carrie was in Sex and the City.  We thought that it was a go and then found out that the executives rejected their idea all together


Then they started again to pitch a product called DM - Disney Moms.  The idea this time was a network that moms would want to watch and their families would watch with them, cooking shows, dancing shows basically everything that is found on other networks.  It was part of that project that they started talking about combing All My Children and One Life to Live.  They were putting together ideas of what would replace the one soap and were competing against an idea called Good Afternoon America. They failed to convince anyone that their idea was good, they had a pilot with Aisha Tyler that was awful.

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The report goes on to say that Disney Junior is having trouble getting contracts signed and its launch has been pushed to Spring of 2012. Therefore SOAPnet will continue—possibly for years—without All My Children or One Life to Live same day re-runs. What more proof do we need? Brian Frons has to go.