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Catherine Hickland: "You Don’t Treat Your Family Like They Don’t Matter"

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Soap veteran Catherine Hickland is still steaming mad with the news of ABC's decision to yank All My Children and One Life To Live off the air. The actress sounded off on her blog and doesn't hold back. Hickland stated:

Soap actors and audiences dance a dance. We laugh together, cry together, survive together and love together. That’s what makes a family. Whenever I would hear you-know-who make a speech and call us the “ABC family,’ it made my skin literally crawl. You don’t treat your family like they don’t matter.

Hickland goes on to ask the question of how ABC Daytime President Brian Frons is still calling the shots. Hickland stated:

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“The ratings kept declining” he will spin. And I say

“Yes, well that was the plan, wasn’t it?” Isn’t that what you have been doing with all of your character assassinating and lame story telling? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing micromanaging your producers, writers, and staff to insanity? Business 101 teaches that you hire super competent people and let them do their job. Control freaks find this nearly impossible, which is why they ultimately fail. Its pure arrogance to think that you know what the audience will accept on shows that they knew far, far better than you. They didn’t accept mediocrity, and for that, the viewers were punished? What’s wrong with this picture?

Actually, How he stays employed is a mystery… however life is funny, and karma is not just a theory. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow , but he has some karma coming, that’s for sure. SO many people hurt under his tenure.

Say it again Cat! To read more of the scathing blog click here!

Kudos to J Bernard Jones for this diddy...