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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Welcome back Bruce Weitz.  No one does crazy, yet sharp as a tack quite like you.  I actually laughed a couple of times in his scenes and wondered how Brandon Barash kept a straight face.

Nikolas thinks the DNA results letter is original that states Aiden is his son and understands why Liz would revisit the test at a time like this.  Liz doesn’t correct him, nor does she tell him the truth.  Nikolas says he’s grateful for both Aiden and Spencer and that no one can replace Jake, but maybe Aiden can help heal the family.  Liz admits she still loves Lucky and apologizes for all the hurt she’s caused.  Nik tells her he loves her as a friend and always will.

Johnny meets with Papa Z, who’s not happy with how business is running and wonders about Lisa. He wants to know if she’s any good to them in their quest to get Sonny.  Johnny brings up the whole Michael/Abby/Brandon mess, accusing his father of being behind Brandon’s murder, but Papa Z denies it all. 

After Johnny leaves, Papa Z calls the lawyer and commends her on getting the leverage against Sonny. Now, they need to see what to do with it.

Lucky knocks over Siobhan’s purse, which spills everywhere and he finds a plane ticket back to Ireland in the contents. He wonders why she was going to go without telling him.  She points out that he’s got a lot on his plate right now, and that Liz needs him.  He offers to marry her, but she feels things are different now.  He doesn’t want her to leave and talks her into staying. 

Sam points out to Jason that if they were to have a baby, their lives would change drastically. Sam wonders if they are ready for that, since they have a good life now.  Carly shows up, and thinks Jason summoned her over to discuss the pregnancy issue. She tells them that while a baby won’t take Jake’s place, it will make them too busy to grieve.  Sam leaves for an appointment with Patrick. 

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Carly tells Jason if anyone deserves a baby, it’s him.  Jason basically tells Carly to stay out of any JaSam baby business and focus on Josslyn. He informs Carly that he called her over to talk about Michael. Jason lets her know about Johnny wanting to recruit Michael into the Z organization, which Carly says will happen over her dead body. 

Robin and Patrick head out to another marriage counseling session.  Afterwards, Robin meets with Maxie and they talk about Patrick. Robin thinks she’s not enough for Patrick and the fact that she builds walls around herself, hurts their relationship. She wonders why it took the death of a child for her to take Patrick back. 

Sam has her check up with Patrick, who initially forgot about it. During the check up, he explains to Sam that the counseling session pointed out to him just what he put Robin through.  Sam lets him know that she deals with a lot of cheating spouses in her job and that if he really wants to make his marriage work, he will.   Patrick gives her a clean bill of health and she asks if the fertility procedure will affect that, but he says no. 

Ethan meets with Kristina at Kelly’s, who tells him that Taylor blew her off for the prom and wonders if he’ll go with her. Ethan politely declines and reminds her that he’s a married man, which she dismisses. He nicely tells her to find someone her own age to take her. 

Carly says she’ll talk to Michael, but Jason warns her that he’s an adult and has to make his own decisions. Jason goes on to tell Carly not to fight, since that will push Michael away, just like Jason pushed away from Monica.  He tells her to allow Michael to have an opening to come back to her. 

Patrick gets home and makes an off the cuff remark about Robin knowing everything, which reduces her to tears.  He apologizes, but she says she’s upset she pushed him away for as long as she did and that she wasted time being mad.  She says she’s not sure about the counseling sessions, since they feel like she’s dumping on him, but Patrick feels the sessions are good for them.  Talk turns to Emma and they discuss that they’re losing their regular babysitter.  Patrick offers up Kristina, whom Emma likes and Robin agrees since she trusts her.

Kristina shows up at the hospital, complaining to Lisa who commiserates and gives her a pep talk.  Kris asks about the herbal pills, which Lisa gives her. 

When Sam gets home, Jason apologizes to her for Carly’s behavior and assures her that whatever decision they make will be theirs only.  He asks Sam what she actually wants, rather than what she thinks he wants. He tells her that she needs to be the one to make the choice, no matter how scared they are.  Sam says she wants to have the procedure and take that chance. 

Carly goes to Johnny and warns him that if he recruits Michael, she’ll kill him.  Johnny explains to her that Michael knows the pros and cons of the business and the pros, namely power, money and respect are what he’s looking for.  Johnny explains that he hasn’t recruited Michael, but won’t turn him down if he comes looking.  Carly asks what it will take to change Johnny’s mind.