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General Hospital's Bruce Weitz Explains Character's Motivation With Michael

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Just what the devil is Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz) up to on General Hospital? TV Guide's Michael Logan dished with Weitz on what he has in stored for his rival Sonny's (Maurice Benard) son, Michael (Chad Duell).

TV Guide Magazine:This situation is so twisted! Sonny's son Michael killed Anthony's daughter Claudia [Sarah Brown], but Anthony has no problem with that. Instead, he's secretly trying to recruit Michael to be one of his mobsters. Explain this crazy-ass situation.

Weitz: Anthony loves the fact that Claudia is dead and he doesn't care who did it. He got rid of her and he didn't have to do it himself, so he's fine with it. Anthony has nothing against Michael except that he's Sonny's son. If he weren't, he'd probably like the kid. Anthony is only using Michael as leverage against Sonny.

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