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Nate Berkus Wants You to Live Well With Less This Earth Day

Everywhere we look today it seems we're bombarded with messages saying we need more stuff to be happy. More iPads, more flat screen TVs, more weight loss and cooking shows. Wait..that's just on ABC Daytime! Anyhoo, a talk show host we actually dig—and who didn't cost us one of our soaps—Nate Berkus is hoping to teach us how to live good, without so much clutter this Earth Day, April 22. 


Be sure to watch The Nate Berkus Show this Friday for the special episode “Living Well With Less: The Upside To Downsizing", where The Mighty O's fave design god will show us how to reinvent old items to make them new again, not to mention budget and earth-friendly.

Berkus will also challenge a family of five to try to live in a house that's the size of their current kitchen. Shoot, I'm a family of one and I couldn't swing that! We'll also meet a mom who is determined to create toxin free homes for you and your family. Watch a promo after the jump!

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The Nate Berkus Show is syndicated nationally. Check your local listings for show times! 

Photo credit: Julie Holder/Sony Pictures Television