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One Life to Live Recap: Karma Chameleon

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Dorian:  Honestly, how Charlie fell for that two-bit, chiseling liar... Viki is twice the woman that she is.

Dorian discovers Clint having a heart attack, and she delivers a taunting medical assessment while holding aspirin and a phone hostage.  Clint begs for Dorian’s help, but she reminds him that payback is a bitch.  Confessions trump assistance, but when Clint refuses to cop to David’s kidnapping, Dorian leaves.  She returns moments later, asking about Echo, and Clint readily admits that Echo was in on Rex’s paternity lie.  That’s insufficient, so Clint directs her to a recorder that captured Clint and Echo’s most recent exchange.  Eureka!  He “looks ghastly,” so Dorian relents, supplying him with aspirin, but when Clint gets worse, Dorian finally calls paramedics.

Niki is ecstatic to be free again.  She wants booze, but she’s disappointed to remember Viki’s logically limited supply.  She owes Tess for her freedom, but they dissolve into an argument when Tess wants to rein in Niki.  Tess blames Niki for Jessica’s trauma, but Niki thinks Tess should thank her.  Later, Niki is out of Viki’s wardrobe and pleased to have found a bottle of alcohol in a guest room, but Tess needs her sober for a plan to secure custody of Ryder.  Niki agrees, and she’s amused when she and Tess successfully pass themselves off as Viki and Jessica respectively, after receiving calls from the clerk and Jessica’s lawyer.

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Echo plays the innocent, claiming Dorian and Clint are out to get her.  She feigns sympathy for Viki, resulting in Charlie viewing her as the ultimate martyr.  He’s angry with Tess, but he blames himself for hurting Viki and worries that Rex and Gigi will denounce him and Echo.  Echo reassures him by telling him Rex and Gigi are in no position to pass judgment.   Charlie fears he ruined Viki’s chances for custody, but Echo promises Viki will survive on strength of character.  It’s time to go home, and though the Minuteman is disgusting, they can now walk in proudly.

Gigi is surprised by Rex’s proposal, but he gets “pouty” when she doesn’t immediately accept.  They discuss previous overtures, and both admit they weren’t ready.  Rex no longer wants to take her for granted, and Gigi is moved when Rex admits that he is who he is because of her.  She happily says yes, but Rex wants to buy her a ring before telling Shane.  Gigi thinks Shane is more important than a ring, and Rex agrees to her terms.  He’s about to sneak over to Llanfair to “borrow” a bottle of champagne, but Gigi stops him, instead wanting to make celebratory love.  Later, they snuggle on the couch, and toast with beer, both smiling at the “fiancé” label.

Starr, James, and Deanna return from dinner, and Starr is annoyed when Deanna goes on about an old, special restaurant.  Starr refuses to allow Deanna to share James’ bedroom, and she invites Deanna to stay at La Boulaie.  Deanna is taken aback, but James says it’s normal for rich people to name their homes.  Starr promises it’s best for everyone and lies that Dorian has a reputation for helping those in need, later telling James it was a campaign slogan. 

While Deanna packs her belongings, Starr admits Deanna staying at the apartment makes her uncomfortable and it reminds her of Hannah’s interest in Cole, but James promises Starr is who he chooses.  Deanna hates that they won’t get to continue their discussion about their breakup, given that there’s much James doesn’t know, but she leaves with Starr.

Tomas barrels into John’s office with “a bone to pick.”  He takes issue with John’s allegations, specifically that they're being fed to Tea.  He insists he’s an open book, so John asks about the picture of Todd and Blair’s wedding.  He’s heard the story, but it feels “made up.”  Tomas invites John to look into him, willing to respect John because Tea and Blair do, but he promises he’s not responsible for Todd’s shooting.  After Tomas leaves, John orders his office doorknob to be fingerprinted.  Later, Tomas’ prints come back as “classified.”

Blair drags Tea to the cafe to get Tea’s mind off of everything.  Blair admits to her suspicions of Tomas, but Tea thinks John’s allegations are egregious.  As they bicker like an old married couple, Tea divulges that Tomas has a file on Todd. Blair finds that weird, warning that both of them know Tomas about as well as they knew Eli.  Tea balks, but Blair refuses to be trusting. 

Tea seems pleased Blair won’t be dating Tomas, and Blair is offended Tea doesn’t think she's good enough; Tea corrects that she’s probably too good for “ninja assassin” Tomas.  When Tomas arrives, he kisses his sister and asks Blair about Jack.  She asks him on a date, promising he won’t have to remove his clothes, and Tea is confused.  As Blair leaves, Tea insists she believes in Tomas; Blair hovers in the doorway vowing to find out the truth.