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Could Brian Frons Finally Be On His Way OUT at ABC Daytime?

Oh merciful Minerva, please let this be true! Page Six is hearing Brian Frons—easily the most destructive network television force since Jeff Zucker—may be on his way out at ABC Daytime.


ABC Daytime honcho Brian Frons is in hot water over the cancellation of "One Life to Live" and "All My Children," sources said. After Hoover announced it will yank ads over the soap axing, other advertisers like Hershey's and L'Oreal are getting heat from consumers to pull ads. Insiders are pointing at Frons, with whispers he may be in his final days.

Of course ABC denied the rumors to Page Six, as well as ones alleging The Mouse House has asked Kelly Ripa and the women of The View to lay off discussing One Life to Live and All My Children being destroyed on Frons' watch. What I find most disturbing is how Frons went around in the mainstream press following the cancellations of Guiding Light and As The World Turns, in effect grabbing his crotch,as he bragged about how ABC owning their own soaps made them more viable.  

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Well riddle me this: How has NBC managed to recognize the viability in continuing to license Days of Our Lives, which does similar numbers to those of the ABC soaps, yet Frons, with decades of soap opera experience under his belt, couldn't budget for and monetize sudsers ABC has owned for decades? I'm sorry, but If Erica Kane, Viki and Dorian Lord have to go, then so should Brian Frons.