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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny meets with Abby to ask her to help him keep Michael away from Johnny and the business.  Abby assures him that Johnny has been helping them, but Sonny explains his history with the Zacchara's.  Abby mentions her debt with Johnny, so Sonny offers her the hostess job in the restaurant, but Abby turns him down.  Michael shows up and spirits Abby away.

Carly runs into Jax at the hospital.  He tells her Josslyn will be ready to go home in a couple of weeks.  She wants to know if he can take Michael to the yacht races. He wonders if she wants him out of the way, but she tells him about Johnny.  She assures him that he’s good for Michael and that Sonny’s life isn’t.  Jax points out that even if he takes Michael away, he’ll pursue the mob life again once he returns. 

Robin and Patrick discuss a surgical case and end up talking about their counseling.  Patrick says he doesn’t want to hurt her again.  They mention needing Kristina to babysit Emma for them.  When Kristina shows up, they ask her. At first she’s hesitant because of her workload, but they convince her.  She promises to check with Alexis and let them know. 

Alexis stops by the hospital to thank Lisa for reaching out to Kristina.  Lisa is surprised, but Alexis says she hasn’t heard about Lisa’s past problems. Lisa is just glad to be able to help. 

Anthony meets with Shawn to offer him a job with the Zacchara organization, claiming that he pays better than Jason. He also informs Shawn that he knows about current job of guarding Carly.  Shawn turns him down. 

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Johnny goes back to see Anthony, who tells him to continue to cultivate his relationship with Michael and get leverage on him. 

Carly and Sonny discuss the problem with Michael.  Sonny promises to talk to his son, but Carly wants him to stay out of it. She feels Michael will only do the opposite and dig his heels in deeper than he already is. Carly thinks it will all leave Michael alienated.  Carly tells him that Michael thinks his father believes he’s weak.  Carly says Michael needs to feel in control and Sonny needs to be sensitive to him.  Sonny tells her that she’s going to deal with Michael in his own way. 

Molly gets all four of Sonny’s children together to organize a surprise for him. 

Molly runs into Shawn and they make small talk.  Molly mentions doing a project on Afghanistan and wants to interview Shawn, but he turns her down, saying he can’t talk about that time.  Dante shows up and when Shawn leaves, he warns Molly to be careful around him.

Alexis pays Jax a visit and he tells her about the situation with Michael and that Carly wants him to take Michael away.  Alexis thinks Carly just wants to win a custody fight.  Jax wants her help in keeping Josslyn with him.

Michael’s angry with Sonny, but Abby points out the mob life is violent.  Michael doesn’t see it, since both Sonny and Jason are fine.  He brings up that Sonny was planning on passing him over for Dante before he knew the truth.  Michael thinks Sonny believes he’s weak, but Abby tells him Sonny only wants to protect him. 

When Shawn gets back to the hospital, Jax wants him gone, but Shawn reminds him that Jason hired him.  Jax doesn’t want Josslyn caught in the crossfire and he’s going to hire his own security. Jax offers to cover Shawn’s expenses.

Johnny comes home to find Lisa waiting for him with champagne.  He wonders what’s going on, but she assures him that she’s no longer interested in Scrubs. Lisa tells Johnny she is tired of being a doormat and is thankful to have him in her life.  In the afterglow, he tells her about visiting Anthony.  She wonders if he hates or loves his father, but he figures, they’ve actually gotten closer because of Anthony’s prison term.

When Sonny comes out of his office,  his kids and baby mamas surprise him with a birthday cake.  He’s happy and hugs everyone and Kristina mentions that it was all Molly’s idea.  Molly says she would have done it at his house, but couldn’t because Brenda doesn’t want to overwhelm Lucian.