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One Life to Live Recap: True Colors

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Tess:  For the next twenty-four hours, you are sweater sets and Sunday brunch!

Tess orders Niki to play the role of Viki until Ryder’s custody is decided.  Natalie returns home and is immediately protective of Viki.  She suspects Niki has taken over, thanks to Viki’s attire, and vows to commit Tess because she's “officially a threat.”  Tess indicates that Viki is pretending to be Niki to expose Tess, and Niki convincingly follows suit.  Niki starts to walk Tess to the door, as Natalie dumps the booze, much to Niki’s dismay. On the way out, Tess threatens to have Niki committed by Charlie should she fail to help.  Natalie receives a phone call, and she frantically informs “Viki” that Clint has suffered a heart attack, but Niki uses Liam as an excuse to avoid going to the hospital.

Dorian calls the paramedics for Clint.  Rama walks in and screams, waking Aubrey and Joey.  Dorian, a medical doctor, rides with Joey in the ambulance, while directing Aubrey to stay behind and alert the rest of the family.  At the hospital, Joey is grateful to Dorian, but she insists she was “in the right place at the right time.”  He wonders why she was at the mansion, and she’s about to divulge the truth about Aubrey and Cutter’s relationship, when Natalie arrives. 

Rama points out that Clint’s death would be to Aubrey and Cutter’s benefit.  Aubrey confides that “Terrible Tess” is aware of Aubrey’s scheme, but when she reveals that Cutter is working Tess, Rama wonders if he’s operating in the same way Aubrey is with Joey.  Rama wonders if Aubrey wants to spy on Cutter and Tess at Capricorn, but Aubrey would rather be with Joey.

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Kelly and Cutter drink Dehli Bellies at Capricorn, as Cristian appears wistful about Rama.  Cutter is waiting for his date, and Kelly taunts him about Aubrey allowing him a love life until finally revealing her knowledge of their true relationship; “incest is best.”  She’s figured out their game and Cutter looks worried, so Kelly wonders who is the mastermind.  She won’t do anything with the information, but she promises the truth will come out.  Kelly wonders why they’ve yet to pilfer the Buchanan fortune, and though Cutter claims it’s because Kelly’s theory is inaccurate, she believes it’s because Aubrey is falling for Joey. 

Tess arrives, and Kelly and Cristian angrily confront Cutter over taking advantage of Jessica, but he insists he has the family’s blessing, for Jessica’s sake.  Tess has to cancel her date with Cutter until after the custody case, but she’s optimistic, and looks forward to picking up with Cutter soon.  He speaks to Aubrey, who tells him about Clint, and he’s bothered when she says she plans on going to the hospital to be with Joey.

Later, Joey and a devastated Natalie find that Clint’s condition is grave.  As Natalie calls Viki, Joey sits by Clint’s bedside.  He’s in tears as Aubrey arrives, and she gathers him in her arms, promising unconditional support.

Dorian visits “Viki” to confess her knowledge of Charlie and Echo’s affair, while offering up the recording so Viki can “blow that bitch out of the water.”  Dorian wonders why Viki’s anger is lackluster, but Niki claims to be preoccupied with Clint’s condition.  After Dorian leaves, Niki is set to go out, but Natalie calls, despairing over Clint’s grim prognosis, and Niki takes a seat.  An exasperated Niki pretends to be a concerned mother.

Starr settles Deanna in Langston’s old room, but she gets emotional upon discovering a picture Langston left for her.  Deanna feels awkward as Starr probes for information on Deanna’s motives and her breakup with James.  Starr insists James has moved on, but Deanna really hurt him, and Starr wonders what Deanna’s big mystery is.  Deanna refuses to be interrogated about private matters, and Starr apologizes, promising to play nice “for James.”  When James calls, Starr jokes that she and Deanna are already good friends.

Ford appears jealous of Tess and Cutter, and James calls him on it.  Ford claims to only be worried about the case, but Tess has everything under control, though James doesn’t have much faith that “the split personality has a plan.”  James reminds Ford that Tess is dangerous, but Ford thinks she’s as harmless as a puppy.  He now has infinite sympathy for her (despite Jessica being the abuse victim, not Tess), and as he broadcasts Jessica’s personal history, James accuses Ford of caring for Tess. 

Ford’s softened, but his feelings are nothing like they were for Langston. James is sorry to inform him that Langston moved to Los Angeles... with Markko.  He’s also sorry Deanna’s in Llanview.  Ford hates her, and he warns James against messing up a good relationship.  Tess returns to the apartment.  Ford thinks she was with Cutter, but she promises her outing was far more productive.