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Ayn Rand Wanted Eric Braeden For Big Screen Version of Atlas Shrugged

One of the most influential authors of all time wanted one of the most outspoken soap stars of all time for a then-fantasy adaptation of her iconic book. According to The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog, the late Ayn Rand used to do Wishful Castings for a movie version of her epic tome Atlas Shrugged, and wanted none other than The Young and the Restless superstar Eric Braeden for a signature role!


She wanted Raquel Welch, or Faye Dunaway, or Farrah Fawcett-Majors for Dagny Taggart, the intrepid railroad heiress who is the novel’s heroine. She favored Clint Eastwood as Hank Reardon, the indomitable steel magnate who, with Dagny, defies the “looters and moochers” of a welfare state on steroids and its industry lackeys. She considered Eric Braeden, nee Hans Jörg Gudegast, of “The Rat Patrol” and “The Young and the Restless,” to play copper baron Francisco d’Anconia, and wanted to squeeze in Muhammad Ali somehow. It was her favorite pastime.

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Now that's what I call flattering! Cue E.B. press tour to comment on Rand's desire to cast him in five, four, three, two...