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DAYS' Ken Corday: "The Show Will Be Returning to More of The Traditional Values"

Let's see a show of laptops for everyone who thinks we should start a drinking game to chug-a-lug some form of spirit every time Days of Our Lives' head honco Ken Corday promises us a return to "traditional storytelling"? We'll have to wait 'til after Sunday to get started though. I can't be going all up in church on Easter drunker than a sailor during Fleet Week. In this week's issue of Soap Opera Digest, Corday once again assures us DAYS is heading away from Wacky Land:


"Over the next few months, the show will be returning to more of the traditional values of romance and family and generational-oriented story," says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "Were going to go back to where our bread and butter has always been."

Ken, my good man, if you're hankering for some carbs,  I will go over to the Kroger and buy up all the bread and butter in the store, if it means you'll get rid of Dena Higley! Okay, all jokes aside—well most jokes— I so want to support DAYS!

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I sincerely think so much of what Corday has done to keep the show afloat has proven admirable of late. The addictive Sheri Anderson tie-in novels were a smart idea, I love the anniversary book and the new website. As for the show itself...

Seriously Mr. C, this is not like a "Where's Waldo?" situation where it would take hours to find the problem. Dena Higley can't write to save her life! Cut her a nice severance check and put Anderson, Thom Racina and/or Sally Sussman Morina back in charge of the writers' room and I swear before Congress and The Jonas Brothers, I will be this soap's biggest supporter!