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Excedrin on ABC Soap Fans:"We're Sorry ABC Daytime Has Caused Them a Headache"

Novartis Consumer Health, makers of Excedrin, may not have joined Hoover's boycott of ABC in protest of soap cancellations yet, but the company is definitely listening to diehard soap fans' concerns, according to the L.A. Times.  Here's what a spokesperson for the company told the newspaper:


 We’ve told our fans who've posted their frustration on our Facebook page that we're sorry to hear that the cancellation of two of the longest running shows on ABC Daytime has caused them a headache!"

Hmm, Excedrin does have a contest going where peeps can submit what is causing them to have headaches. I can think of a certain network exec who has millions of soap lovin' heads throbbing right about now... 

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