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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly confronts Brenda about who she can and can’t dictate visits Sonny’s house.  Brenda reminds Carly that she and Sonny are married and she can control who comes and goes.  Carly’s angry that Brenda is trying to keep Sonny’s kids from coming over, in order to protect Lucian. Carly warns her that if she tries to keep the kids away, she’ll be the one gone, because family means everything to Sonny.  Brenda explains that Kristina misunderstood her message and Carly calls her a coward for putting it on Kris’ shoulders.  Carly tells her not to keep her sons away from their father before she storms off. 

A very nervous Sam is on her way to an appointment with Kelly, and Jason lets her know that she can back out if she wants.  Sam doesn’t want to get her hopes up and be disappointed if it doesn’t work.  Jason wonders if she wants him to go with her. At first, she’s happy that he’ll join her, but then changes her mind and goes without him.

Dante and Lulu discuss Michael and his situation with Johnny.  Lulu wonders why Sonny doesn’t just give Michael a low level job in one of the warehouses, but Dante feels that won’t change Michael’s goals.  Dante’s worried that Michael’s parole will be revoked and Lulu wonders if Michael is capable of shooting someone in the head.  Dante says Michael was angry and looks guilty. 

Johnny runs into Abby at Kelly’s and offers her Angela Dwyer’s services.  Abby wonders about his interest in her.  Michael arrives and also wonders about Johnny’s interest.  Johnny says he’s sorry for their problems and is not using Michael for retribution. 

Jax is angry that Shawn is still hanging around and wonders how much it will take to get rid of him.  Shawn rips up the check and tells him Josslyn comes first. Shawn admits that he sold out to Theo and won’t do it again.  Carly shows up and is angry with Jax.  She argues that she’s not willing to risk Josslyn’s safety and that Jason vouched for Shawn, which isn’t a winning point with Jax.  Carly mentions that Sonny’s birthday was at the restaurant and not at the house because of Brenda.  When Jax leaves, Shawn tells her that he’s going to stay because he’s determined to keep Josslyn safe.   

Ethan meets with Johnny and explains what happened with Luke. Ethan reveals that can’t watch his father self destruct.  He says the accident changed Luke and he doesn’t know how to help.  Johnny has no advice for him, seeing as his own family is so messed up.  Johnny wonders about Maya, but Ethan mentions that she went home due to family issues and he misses her.  Johnny offers him a drink, but Ethan turns it down, saying his last drink was with Luke.  Ethan wonders what job Johnny wants him to do and Johnny says he might need him to train Michael. 

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Sam meets with Kelly, who’s ready to do the tests to see if she’s a candidate for the fertility procedure.  Sam tells her to promise to be up front with her if she’s not.

Carly’s walking by the diner, when she spots Sam crying at a table.  Carly checks on her and Sam explains she just saw Kelly.  Carly figures things didn’t go as expected and apologizes for pushing Sam into having a baby and opening up those bad feelings.   

Ronnie hears Dante calling for Angela Dwyer, but Dante says he’s just covering all the angles.  Ronnie tells him there’s no point in pinning this on Johnny, because they now have new evidence against Michael. 

Diane questions Jason about the murder, saying none of them have alibis and wonders who saw Jason that night.  Jason tells her he was having a bad night and took off on his motorcycle.  Diane wonders if Michael would lie to protect Abby.  Jason defends Abby, saying she’s been good for Michael, but Diane feels they don’t know her very well and wonder if Michael and Abby did this together. 

Abby wonders if Johnny is working them, but Michael defends him, saying they have a lot in common.  She thinks he has an agenda and Johnny’s likely still angry about Claudia. Abby doesn’t like that Michael is joining the mob to prove something to Sonny. Michael admits he wants his father’s respect.  Abby doesn’t want him to change, because the business is no way to live. However, Michael feels that life is dangerous and uses Jake as an example. He needs to do what he thinks is right. 

Jax stops by to see Brenda and they make small talk about the kids and possible a playdate.  Jax is fine with that, but not at the house, since he doesn’t want Josslyn anywhere near Sonny.  Jax tells her that Lucian will never be safe with Sonny, but Brenda swears that Sonny’s a good father and is doing the best he can to keep them safe.  Jax says Sonny should have gotten out of the business when Michael was shot and feels Lucian will get caught in his own crossfire.  He tells her she deserves better, but says he can’t support her in her decision to stay with Sonny.

Lulu stops by Johnny’s wondering what he’s up to with Michael.  Johnny feels he owes Michael for what Claudia did to him and won't tell him no if he comes looking for a job.  Lulu says he and Sonny are always fighting over territory and things get violet. She doesn’t want him to take Michael down with him. 

Dante shows up at Jason’s wanting to know the details of Brandon’s murder. He informs Jason that Ronnie now has evidence against Michael in the form of a cell phone video a bystander took of Michael holding a gun on Brandon before Jason stops him.  Dante says the evidence is damning.  Jason swears Michael won’t go back to prison, but Dante says it might be too late. 

Ronnie calls Michael and Diane down to the station and shows them the footage.  Diane says it’s circumstantial, but Ronnie says both Michael and Dante are in a world of trouble, because it looks like Dante covered for Michael. Ronnie goes on to say that Dante will be known as a dirty cop and tells Michael to confess.