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Huff Post's Ed Martin Isn't Convinced ABC Did All They Could to Save Soaps

TV critic Ed Martin weighed in on the cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live for The Huffing Post, asking why ABC's brass didn't try more innovative ways to save the soaps?


There must have been other things ABC could have tried. Perhaps it could have cut each show to 30 minutes (like CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful), in the process reducing the casts and crews of both but not eliminating everyone's jobs. What a great, fast-paced hour of daytime television that would have made! Or, each show could have remained one hour long and run in weekly cycles in the same time period: One week of AMC, followed by one week of OLTL, then another week of AMC, etc. Digitally empowered viewers would have no trouble keeping up. On-screen explanations and promos would take care of everybody else.

Digitally empower viewers? No, Ed, why on Earth would they do that when they could just put a stripper pole in Fusion or have Crystal Hunt in her panties? That's all the"empowering" Brian Frons wanted to see on his soaps! For more of Martin's blog post click here.

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