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One Life to Live Recap: I Heard It Through The Grapevine

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Marty:  Natalie didn’t have another man’s baby.  She had John’s.


John thinks Kelly is calling to get the scoop on various cases, but she’s inviting him to a home-cooked meal at his place.  He happily accepts as Marty eavesdrops.  She approaches, asking John to dinner, but he declines, citing other plans. 

John updates Bo on Todd’s case, revealing how Tomas’ fingerprints were classified in the CIA’s database.  They wonder if Tomas is an international criminal or operating under an alias, and having burnt his FBI bridges, John asks Bo to contact the agency.

Brody brings Liam to the hospital because he sensed that’s what Natalie needed.  She’s grateful, and the family shares a group hug as Natalie admits she’s scared about Clint.  He’s supportive because, karma or no, Clint is family.  Natalie feels lucky to have Brody by her side.

Bo is concerned about John, but he’s fine, so long as he can avoid Natalie and Brody.  On cue, Brody enters.  He was with Natalie at the hospital, and John is worried, but Brody allays his fears.  John leaves to answer a call, and Brody informs Bo of Clint’s heart attack.  Bo's shocked and feels guilty that it occurred after their fight, and Brody suggests he go to the hospital.  Bo appears torn, but declines, unsettling Brody.  Bo’s happy Natalie has Brody, and he notes that they’re growing closer.

Marty visits Kelly at The Sun to deliver a message: John is only rebounding with Kelly to hurt Natalie.  Marty makes insinuations about her own involvement, and Kelly thinks Marty is taking credit for John and Natalie’s breakup.  Marty cautions Kelly against competition for John’s affections because Marty will win, and Kelly calls her delusional.  Marty steams when Kelly pities her, and after Marty leaves, Kelly is shaken.  She calls John to suggest that Marty was “staking her claim,” and distressed, John decides to visit Dr. Buhari.

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Rex and Gigi take Shane to therapy.  They tell him they’re engaged, but Shane’s reaction is lackluster.  Gigi resists leaving, believing secrets exacerbated Shane’s isolation.  Rex insists they need to trust the professional, and Gigi relents.  In session, Shane thinks his parents want to fix things, but he feels some things are a lost cause.  Kids will still hate him, and he’ll still be a loser.  Buhari wonders if his suicidal thoughts persist, but his response goes undisclosed. 

After Shane’s session, Gigi’s irritated that Buhari adheres to confidentiality.  Shane needs to know he can trust Buhari, and she encourages Gigi to trust the process.  She advises an overwrought Gigi to listen and to love Shane, offering her services to Gigi should she need her.   

Natalie and Rex bump into each other, and he tells Natalie that Shane had a generic doctor’s appointment, while she informs him of Clint’s coronary.  Rex is concerned about Natalie, but Clint isn’t his family, and Natalie takes issue because Clint’s prognosis is so grim.  Later, Rex tells Gigi about Clint, and he’s clearly shaken.

Tomas approaches Todd with a syringe, but when he’s interrupted by Dani and Nate, he discreetly drops it to the floor.  Tomas claims he was encouraging Todd to wake up, and he advises Dani to do the same. 

After Tomas leaves, Nate reassures Dani until she decides on inspiring anger as tactic.  She kisses Nate, but there’s no response from Todd.  Dani spies the syringe.  A nurse drops it into a sharps container, but Dani and Nate are unsettled.  When Nate suggests Tomas as the culprit, Dani gets defensive.  Without implicating Tomas, they tell Shaun and ask for advice.  He instructs them to call the police.

Blair forces a whining Jack to spend his spring vacation doing menial jobs at Capricorn.  Blair apologizes for her part in Jack’s tough breaks, promising to make better choices.  Mystery glassware is delivered.  When Blair runs to the bank, the delivery men turn out to be hired goons who assault Jack and threaten him, invoking Shane’s name.  Tomas saves Jack, but upon her return, Blair freaks out, especially when she sees a gash on Jack’s face.  Tomas advises against the police, directing them to the hospital instead. 

Blair leaves Jack in the waiting room as she runs to The Sun to get Todd’s insurance card.  Jack encounters Shane, and he blames Shane for the assault.  Back at Capricorn, Tomas tells an unseen caller he was unable to “finish the job” regarding Todd.

Blair startles Kelly at the office.  As she digs in the file cabinet, a curious Blair discovers an envelope taped to the underside.

Marty descends upon Buhari, livid over John blowing her off after “everything [she] did to break up John and Natalie.”  Troubled, Buhari asks for clarification, and Marty produces Natalie’s test, revealing Liam’s true paternity.  Meanwhile, John arrives at the hospital, coming face-to-face with Natalie and Liam.