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Y&R's Scott Hamner on Lane's Sweeps Story: "Think War Of The Roses Meets North By Northwest"

Lord, this is all I need to get my Good Friday off to a bad start. Once again, The Young and the Restless co-head writer and Netflix's most valued customer Scott Hamner is using freaking MOVIES to explain the show's bad storytelling! Here's what he told CBS Soaps In Depth about Lane's (Christel Khalil and Daniel Goodard) May Sweeps "Ghost" story:


"We're going to learn this story in pieces. It's going to lead to a crescendo that's going to be spectacular. Think War Of The Roses meets North By Northwest."

Great Cecille D. DeMille's ghost, will Hamner and Maria Arena Bell turn off that damn Turner Classic Movie channel and actually take some time to learn the histories of their characters and TV series? Ugh!  I don't wanna play Trivial Pursuit: The Hollywood Edition, I just wanna be able to watch The Young and the Restless without seeing some cockamamie story play out on my TV.

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They really think it is soooo cute to keep patting themselves on the back in the press for ripping off old movies on Y&R.  Memo to Hamner and MAB: Now more than ever soap fans want stories that reflect and respect the characters and histories we know and love, not your favorite doggone movies!