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Eric Martsolf Talks Booster Gold and Current State of Soaps


Eric Martsolf (Brady Black, Days of Our Lives) debuted as superhero Booster Gold on Smallville this past Friday. The actor also talked to TV Line about his role and the current state of soaps:

Daytime has been my bread-and-butter for over nine years now, so it’s a big part of my life.I have the utmost faith in the choices I made and the work that I’m doing. People say that the soap genre is going away, and in my humble opinion I don’t believe it is. I think this is the result of networks doing some penny-pinching and trying to put in cheaper programming. In the long run, they’re going to find that canceling these soaps that have been around for decades is probably not a wise move. It looks good on paper, but the fan bases of these soap operas rival those of primetime shows.

Photo Credit by The CW

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