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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda thinks Jax is being jealous, but he denies it, saying he’s had experience with Sonny’s violence. He tells her to take Lucian and run as far away as possible.  Sonny gets home and is not happy to see Jax. He's even more unhappy to see Brenda upset.  Jax reminds him that he can’t keep Lucian safe anymore than he’s kept his own kids safe.  Sonny reminds him that bad things happen to others, like Joss and Jake, but Jax says the odds go up if you're in the mob.  Sonny wonders why he’s trying to scare Brenda, but Jax says he hopes Brenda’s son ends up luckier that Carly’s was.  Brenda asks him to leave and Jax tells her he hopes she never has to go through what Carly did. 

Johnny feels Lulu should understand how things work and that he’s trying to help Michael. However, she feels he’s taking advantage of the boy instead.  Johnny says Michael has no say in his destiny, because he’s the product of being raised in the mob life and it gets into your blood.  Lulu reminds him that he got out for a while, but he admits he hated that life, and went back to what he knew. Johnny goes on to say that Michael is him and it's important for one to make one's own justice.  Lulu says criminals break laws, but cops are good and she knows this since she’s in love with one. Lulu tells Johnny that Michael will end up back in prison and she’s sure Johnny doesn’t want that for him.  She tells him to leave Michael alone. 

Ronnie tells Michael to explain his actions as a crime of passion and things might not be as bad.  Jason demands to see the video footage. Diane points out that the footage is from behind Michael, the gun is not visible in his hand, and Brandon is alive when he leaves.  She says there is no evidence against Michael or Jason, so they leave.  Ronnie assures them this isn’t going away and storms off.  Dante tells Diane that if Michael goes to prison for this, they’ll never see him again. 

Sam tells Carly she doesn’t blame her and she’s grateful for the push, because it turns out she is a candidate for the surgery and her odds get better than 50%.  Carly’s happy for her and Jason, saying that Sam would be an amazing mother and Jason would be the best father ever.  Carly’s still upset that Jason wasn’t allowed to be Jake’s father and Jake died because of an accident, and not because Jason’s in the mob.  She feels a baby will heal Jason.

Kristina finds Ethan sitting on the docks, feeling sorry for himself.  She reminds him she’s the queen of selfish and he explains that Maya has gone home and likely regrets being married to him.  Kris points out that Maya’s probably ashamed of how she ended up married, more than to whom.  Ethan acknowledges Kris' statement and warns her that he’ll never let her run off to Vegas.  She thanks him for protecting and looking out for her.

Lulu runs into Carly at Kelly’s, who asks her to talk to Johnny.  Lulu says she already has and called him out on his crap. She reminded him of the guilt he felt when Michael was shot. She thinks he was listening to her and that Johnny sees Michael as a kindred spirit.

Sonny goes to the prison to tell Anthony that Johnny is coming after him through one of his children again. Sonny informs Anthony that it has to stop or he’ll take him down.  Anthony reminds him that they have a truce and he wants peace and harmony between the families. He wonders why Sonny is getting so bent out of shape for a child that isn’t his biologically and that he does more harm on his own.  Sonny reminds him Michael is off limits and not to use him as leverage. 

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Dante confronts Abby about Michael’s involvement, but she swears Michael didn’t kill Brandon. Dante wonders which of them is covering for the other. In turn, Abby asks what he’s accusing her of.   He acknowledges that Abby has been good for Michael, but this is bad for him.  Abby reminds him that he was supposed to be protecting Michael, and Dante says he tried.  Dante tells her that he won’t let Michael take the fall for this if she’s responsible. 

Jason takes Michael to the penthouse and tells him the tape will likely be admissible and asks point blank if Michael killed Brandon.  Michael denies it and swears he wouldn’t lie, but Jason wonders how far he would go to protect Abby.  Michael says Abby wouldn’t let him take the fall and warns Jason not to pin this on Abby to save him.  Jason reminds him not to let Ronnie get to him and tells him not to confess. 

Diane goes to see Sonny but finds Brenda, who insists on knowing what Diane’s business is.  Diane tells her she can’t spill any beans, even if it’s about Michael.  Brenda tries to throw her weight around, reminding Diane that she’s an employee and her marriage certificate entitles her to know Sonny’s business.  Diane denies that again, especially since Michael’s not her son. Brenda becomes even angrier to know that Carly would be privy to the info, as the mother. 

When Sonny gets home, Diane tells him that Brenda threw a hissy fit and took off upstairs. She reminds him to explain to his new bride that she isn’t privy to some information.  She explains the video footage to him and that Michael will likely be charged with murder, but Sonny swears it won’t happen. 

Jax runs into Carly at Kelly’s and explains his visit with Brenda.  She tells him that Michael is heading closer and closer into the mob world, and despite her love for both Sonny and Jason, she doesn’t want that. 

Sam gets home, happily carrying on about her good news until she sees Jason standing there, looking upset.

Johnny gets home to find Papa Anthony in his living room, taking care of his plants.  Johnny’s shocked and wonders if his father broke out, but Anthony says justice was served.

Sonny meets with Dante to tell him to shut down the investigation any way he can.  He asks for the name of the witness, so he can take care of it.  Dante says there are lines he’s not willing to cross and Sonny tells him to use his badge to protect Michael.

Michael gets home and explains the video to Abby, who feels she’s made a mess of everything and needs to make it right.  Ronnie shows up with an arrest warrant for Michael.