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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ronnie arrests Abby for Brandon’s murder and hauls her down to the PCPD.  Michael follows right behind.  At the station, Michael refuses to leave Abby’s side. 

Sonny wants Dante to forget his principles to protect his brother and use his connections to tamper with the evidence against Michael.  Dante wonders if Sonny cares whether Michael is guilty or not, and says he feels Michael is innocent and wants to prove it.  Sonny says he wants Dante to get rid of the video, but Dante points out that if he gets rid of evidence every time Michael gets in trouble, then he’ll always think he can get away with stuff.  Dante feels Michael deserves better than the mob life and Sonny wonders if his badge means more to him than his brother.  Dante points out that he needs the badge to have access to evidence in order to prove Michael's innocence. Sonny brings up Brenda and how Dante covered for her, but he says he regrets that and tells Sonny to stop covering things up.

Sam talks about the procedure with Jason and informs him her chances are good. However Jason, while happy for her, feels she shouldn’t be having a child with him.  He feels he taught Michael all the wrong things and doesn’t want to mess up another child.  Sam waxes poetic about Jason’s virtues; being a good man in a corrupt business and how he’d make an amazing father, but that she won’t push him if it’s not what he wants.  Jason says he wants a family with her but he’s made mistakes, namely that he didn’t take out Brandon before someone else did. 

Jason gets down to the station in time to stop Michael from taking a swing at Ronnie.  He tells Michael that if he can’t hold it together, he needs to leave. However, Michael insists on staying.  Jason says they’re waiting for Diane and Michael wants him to use his pull to keep Abby safe. 

When Dante shows up, he asks Ronnie what evidence they have against Abby.  Ronnie admits he was hoping to pin this on Jason, but can’t.  Abby tells Michael to go home and not play into Ronnie’s hands.  Dante tells Michael and Jason there’s a witness who says they saw Abby shoot Brandon and he believes Abby did it.  Michael punches Dante in the face. 

Lucky and Maxie run into each other at Kelly’s and share some conversation.  Maxie tells him he should be spending time with family, mostly Liz.  Liz shows up, so Maxie leaves.  Lucky asks how she is, and she mentions support from Audrey and Steve.  Lucky says he has something to tell her, and mentions wanting to marry Siobhan to keep her in the country.  Liz acknowledges that if she’d let him take the boys the first time he was going to get married, Jake would still be alive. Lucky doesn’t want to hear blame.  He says he doesn’t want to add to her pain and that he still cares for her and always will.  Liz says she never imagined she would lose or betray him and is sorry for the pain she caused him.  She gives him her blessing to marry Siobhan. 

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Siobhan finds Luke drinking at the Star and rips him a new one, but he doesn’t care.  She tells him he’s drinking so he can forget Jake and Lucky.   She feels she can’t leave without speaking her mind. Luke is surprised to hear that she’s leaving and asks her to stay to support Lucky.  She says if Luke doesn’t stop drinking he will lose Lucky, but Luke feels Lucky will hang on because he can’t let go.

Nik stops by the Star and finds Siobhan, alone, cleaning up Luke’s mess.  She tells him she’s leaving and that he needs to help Lucky fix things with Luke. 

Luke stops by the penthouse to see Jason, but finds Sam and tells her to give Jason a message.  He claims Jason is no more than a sperm donor and doesn’t have the right to run around town calling out anyone who was responsible for the accident, or feeling any pain over Jake’s death.  Luke feels Jason is a coward with no rights or opinions.  He says Jason screwed her over too, that he stepped out to allow Lucky to raise Jake and he’s not allowed to be a grieving parent now.  Luke tells Sam that if Jason needs to avenge Jake’s death, he’ll be waiting for him. 

Kristina stops by her father’s house and he tries to explain that she misunderstood Brenda’s message.  He reminds her that Brenda just fell into motherhood and is being overprotective.  Kristina says she understands when the father marries and gets pulled away by the new wife, but Sonny assures her his kids are the center of his life, and that he won’t be separated from them. 

Luke gets back to the Star to find Nikolas waiting for him.  Nik tells him to stop wallowing in his own pain to help Lucky.  Nik tells him he can’t help anyone until he admits he has a drinking problem.

Maxie stops by Liz’s to see what Lucky said about Aiden, but Liz says she didn’t tell him because he’s planning on marrying Siobhan. She doesn’t want him to lose Siobhan because of her.  Maxie says Siobhan is the rebound girl and wonders if Liz wants her family back.  Liz feels Lucky deserves happiness.  Nikolas arrives as the two are discussing it.  

Sam goes to Sonny, tells him about Luke’s visit and asks him to help.  Sonny promises to check in on Luke, but that he’s self destructing and looking for a fight.

Sam asks Lucky over to tell him about Luke and Lucky realizes Luke is trying to goad Jason into killing him. 

Luke takes the bullets out of his gun and sits it on his desk. Sonny stops by and wonders what his plan is.  He sees the empty gun and wonders if Luke is setting it up for Jason to kill him.

Ronnie wants to arrest Michael for hitting Dante, but he says it was just a brotherly disagreement.  Jason tries to drag Michael away, but Michael yells that the witness must be lying, because Abby didn’t kill Brandon, he did.