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One Life to Live Spoilers: Aubrey and Joey Gain Custody of Ryder!

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Multiple personalities running wild, a custody hearing and crazy woman rock the citizens of Llanview to their cores this week. Don't forget that Erika Slezak's (Viki) 40th Anniversary episode airs Wednesday, April 27. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of April 25.

Niki/Echo/Charlie/Tess/Ford/Aubrey: Niki will pay Echo a visit to torment her about the tape. Echo is going to try to get the tape from Niki, but is interrupted when Charlie walks in. Niki will slip away, leaving Echo a nervous mess about the tape that could destroy her relationship with Charlie. Meanwhile, Joey and Natalie will go see a sedated Clint. Natalie will tell her brother about her run in with Tess and Niki/Viki. The two begin to wonder if Niki is back and will confront Tess and Ford about it. Tess and Ford will deny it, but Natalie and Joey remain suspicious. When they leave, Tess is going to inform Ford of the truth about Viki and how she made Niki return.

Flash-forward to the custody hearing. Niki will take the stand and announce to the court that she withdraws her name from the custody hearing, leaving everyone shocked. Internally, Viki and Jean will battle for dominance. Jean will get the upper hand and make a case for Viki to get custody of Ryder to Niki. However, Jean will not be successful and Viki will pass out from stress of it all. Viki will be rushed to hospital, as Jean will again try to make a deal with Niki. Natalie and Joey will beg Viki to return by saying she is a strong woman, has the will to survive and is very important to them. Back at the hearing, Tess and Ford will start to celebrate because they think Ryder is theirs, but the judge has another plan. The judge will declare Tess and Ford unfit parents, bringing their celebration to a screeching halt. Aubrey will step up and plead with the judge to give custody of Ryder to her and Joey. Aubrey will get through to the judge and he will grant custody of Ryder to Aubrey and Joey.  Will Viki regain control or is she stuck in a vicious power struggle?

Cutter/Dorian: Cutter is going to tap into his dark side and blackmail Dorian to stay quiet about his scheme with Aubrey. He will tell Dorian she will follow his rule or he and Aubrey will make sure Clint ends up in the bone yard. Cutter will visit Aubrey and inform her that Kelly is also on their trail. The two argue and Cutter will suggest they end Clint's life early. How far is Cutter willing to go to get his payoff?

Blair/Tomas: Blair is going to secretly listen in on a conversation between Tomas and Calmar. A little later, Blair and Tomas are going to get cozy on their date. Tomas will be very careful not to say too much about himself. The two will share a kiss. Is Blair once again falling for the bad guy?

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Tea/Dani: Tea will almost throw in the towel on Todd. Soon after, Dani will confess something to Tea and reveal there is trouble in paradise for her and Nate.

Natalie/Marty/John: Natalie is going to confront Marty about Liam's paternity results still being in Marty's possession. Marty will give Natalie very vague answers of why she still has the test. Natalie will get frustrated and rip up the proof of John being Liam's true father right in front of Marty. However, Marty and Natalie will have no idea that Gigi has possession of Marty's psych meeting where she confesses to switching the results of Liam's paternity.

In the meantime, John will visit Marty's physician, Dr. Bulghari about Marty's current condition. When the doctor refuses to tell John what she knows about Marty, John will formulate another plan to find out what Marty is up to. Meanwhile, Kelly will be cooking dinner for John when he pops up to tell her he can't make it. John will inform Kelly about his suspicions of Marty. At Marty's, Dr. Bulghari will show up and advise her to tell John the truth. They begin to argue and John will interrupt. John wants to know what's going on and Marty quickly lies saying the doctor accused her of stealing her session tape; not knowing the nurse messed up the labeling with hers and Shane's. John will take Marty on a date and continue to lead her on. She will attempt to confess to John, but not before she plants a big kiss on him. How long will Marty be able to keep her true intentions hidden?

Starr/Deanna/James: Deanna and Starr will get into it about her leaving town. The two part and Deanna will have a talk with James. Deanna is going to tell James that her father forced her to break up with him. In the meantime, Starr will ask her mother for advice. Deanna will ultimately decide to stay in Llanview. Will Deanna be able to come between James and Starr?

Rex/Jack: Jack is going to file a complaint against Rex, which will cause Brody to show up at Rex's house. Brody will ask Rex a few questions about his feelings toward Jack. Later on, Rex is going to confess that he is the culprit in Jack's beating. (Like father like son, huh?) Is Rex spiraling out of control?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (May 2):

  • Blair and Tomas hit the sheets!
  • Matthew confesses to Destiny.
  • Todd wakes up!
  • Marty seduces John!
  • Todd has a talk with Jack.
  • Todd names Tomas as his shooter!
  • Joey and Aubrey must visit Inez's apartment to get Ryder from Ford.
  • Natalie listens to Marty's sessions tape.