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The Bold and the Beautiful May Sweeps Preview!

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Eric/Stephanie/Taylor/Dayzee/Thomas/Brooke: La Forrester will once again show why she is the backbone of the family by stepping up to the plate during Thomas and Brooke's plane crash. Eric is ecstatic with Stephanie's change with everything going on, especially with her work at Dayzee's and not giving up her fight against cancer. Taylor and Stephanie's friendship will be strengthened. Stephanie's relationship with Steffy will be put to the test when she discovers everything she's been doing.

Steffy/Bill/Katie/Nick: Couple's therapy only made things worse for The Spencers, and the Forrester hellcat doesn't help things much either. Bill still wants his marriage to Katie to work out, but Steffy constantly being around him needling his marriage doesn't make things easy. Although Katie doesn't like Bill's darker side, she still loves him. Watch for Bill and Steffy to go on a trip that changes everything in their relationship. Meanwhile, Nick will be on hand to give Katie all the support she needs.

Marcus/Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: Ms. Logan still loves the Spencer heir, even though she is dating Mr. Jones. Liam still loves Hope, but wants to step up to the plate regarding "his child" with Amber. Ms. Moore will try her hardest to trap Liam into a solid commitment so she can continue living the good life off his dime.

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Carl pops back up and stands in Amber and Tawny's way to finally live high off the hog, causing Mama Moore to crank out more plots to keep the plan in motion while figuring out a way to keep Liam and Amber together. Although Amber says the baby isn't Oliver's, his happiness is riding on this baby. Don't count out Marcus being a possible candidate either. When the truth finally is revealed, it will have a ripple effect for everyone involved.

Thomas/Dayzee/Marcus: Things are a little complicated for the woman in the middle. Dayzee didn't set out to have feelings for Thomas while in a relationship with Marcus, but now she has. Dayzee wants to be with Thomas, but are things over before they started? Marcus is still in the picture and will use Thomas' absence to gain ground with Dayzee.

Whip/Taylor/Ridge: Mr. Jones is not thrilled by his wife and the chiseled one's closeness. Whip understands Ridge and Taylor must spend time together due to Thomas and Brooke's plane going down, but it doesn't make it any easier that the pair have this bond he can't crack.

Justin/Donna/Stephen/Pam:  The Logan patriarch and Ms. Douglas are in love and are dedicated to their relationship. Although Donna is not thrilled by Stephen's ladylove being her mortal enemy, she attempts to go along with it now that she has Justin in her life. The wild card in this storyline is Stephanie, and if she is fine with her sister marrying into the Logan clan.

Owen/Jackie: With everything going on around them, The Knights decide not to take their relationship for granted. Owen is hell bent on showing Jackie she's the only one for him.