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The Young and the Restless May Sweeps Preview!

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Diane/Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight just can't get the love of his life out of his heart and vice versa. The two embark on an affair, but Nikki is not down with being someone's mistress and puts the breaks on. Victor is determined to be with Nikki and is all fine and dandy ditching Diane to do it. The latest Mrs. Newman, however isn't thrilled about Victor's plan, due to the pre-nup she signed. Watch for Diane to pair up with an unlikely ally to pay The Moustache back, and remain his wife all at the same time!

Billy/Victoria/Daniel/Lucy/Phyllis: The truth finally about Lucy's illegal adoption comes out and all hell breaks loose. Phyllis files for custody of her granddaughter, while Daniel is cool with the Abbotts raising her. The lines are drawn in the sand once the proceedings are underway, as Phyllis hires Michael as her lawyer. Michael and Lauren's relationship takes a hit as a result of this, along with his friendship with Victor. Phyllis' renewed romance with Nick also suffers. Look for the Newmans to come together for Victoria, even her father.

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Adam/Sharon/Sam/Nick: The Newman brothers don't buy the official report on Sharon's "death" being suicide. Nick and Adam team up to investigate, while Sharon is living a new and serene life with Dr. Sam. Sharon's court case finds its way to the countryside and  between her newfound relationship with Sam.

Ashley/Tucker/Abby: The Naked Heiress still doesn't trust the rebel billionaire and is determined to stop her mother from marrying him. Abby will go to great lengths to put the kibosh on wedding, causing serious ripple effects for those around her. Abby is an Abbott and a Newman, her choices will also bleed into those Genoa City staples as well as McCall Enterprises.

Genevieve/Colin/Cane/Lily: Mama Bear Ashby hits town to get revenge for Cane's "death" and sets her sights squarely on Colin. Lily continues to see "visions" of Cane (As I've said before, he's alive and kicking but she doesn't know it!) Duck and cover when the truth comes out Lane fans.