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One Life to Live Recap: Prove It

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John:  I’m trying to make you understand that after everything that’s happened, I will not let myself get hurt again.  I will not let the people I care about get hurt again, so if you’ve got something to tell me about Marty, you need to start talking, Doc, because at this point, I got nothing to lose!


Worried Marty was released prematurely, John questions Dr. Buhari.  After Marty’s confession about Liam’s true paternity, Buhari admits to concerns and reveals Marty’s mentions of Natalie and Liam.  Buhari’s assistant interrupts to grab Shane’s backpack, apologizing for compromising privacy and confidentiality, and afterward, Buhari clams up.  She promises Marty isn’t a physical threat, but John fears Marty’s delusional and he refuses to be manipulated any further.  He demands answers, having nothing left to lose, but Buhari adheres to professional ethics, instead directing John to trust his instincts and utilize his detecting skills.  Later, she asks for Marty’s session tape, but discovers it’s Shane’s session mislabeled; Marty’s tape is missing.

Shane can’t trust Rex after Rex accidentally blabbed Shane’s suicide attempt to Jack, but Brody interrupts Rex’s apologies.  Jack filed a complaint against Rex, accusing him of assault, and Brody is surprised when Shane says Jack “had it coming.”  Shane trusts Brody, so he and Rex confide everything up to, but not including, the suicide attempt, and Brody is appropriately stricken.  Shane promises he’s doing better, but Brody offers any help Shane may want or need. 

Gigi eyes what she believes is Shane’s therapy session tape.  She asks the receptionist to retrieve Shane’s forgotten backpack from Dr. Buhari’s office, but Buhari is busy with John.  Gigi uses Shane’s homework and his dependence on his inhaler to appeal to her, and while she gathers Shane’s bag, Gigi regretfully swipes the tape.  Gigi frets when she’s stopped from leaving, but the receptionist just suggests she make her next appointment first.

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When Shane steps away, Brody assumes Rex suspects Clint’s involvement in Jack’s attack.  Brody questions Rex’s personal assault of Jack, which Rex explains, signing a statement to the same effect.  Brody shows concern for Rex’s well-being, and Rex thinks Liam, who keeps Brody busy, is lucky to have Brody as a father.  Shane returns with Brody’s favorite candy, and touched, Brody promises Shane things will get better.  Before the Balsoms head home, Shane begs a guilty Gigi to respect his privacy and not try to intrude on future therapy sessions.

Natalie confronts Marty, ordering her to stay away from Liam.  Marty insists she’s harmless, but Natalie knows everything thanks to Cristian.  When Marty lies that she got rid of the paperwork, Natalie hijacks Marty’s purse and pulls out the test.  Marty controls her panic as Natalie holds the folded paper, insisting Marty got what she wanted, that Natalie’s love life and family are in shambles.  Marty promises she’ll toss the test into her shredder, but Natalie doesn’t give her the opportunity, instead tearing up the test herself. 

Marty laughs maniacally, and when Brody wanders up in protective mode, Natalie directs him to the “crazy lady,” who practically skips away only to run into John.  She beams when he asks her to dinner, indicating he’d rather spend time with her versus Kelly.  Brody offers to take over with Liam, and Natalie is amazed Brody is so in tune with her needs; likewise, admits Brody.

Starr returns Deanna to James.  Deanna appreciated Starr’s kindness and found La Boulaie amazing, but she felt out of place.  James gifts Deanna with a loan, thanks to Ford, to head back to Dayton, and she asks to say goodbye properly; Starr obliges.  Before leaving, Starr and James plan a special night as Deanna rolls her eyes.  Later, James resists discussing their breakup until Deanna finally blurts that she was forced by Eddie to break up with James.

Blair is suspicious when she overhears Claude worrying that she’s setting up Tomas.  He claims to be visiting on his way to New York, but Claude admits he feels responsible because he sent Tomas to Llanview, and there, he’s has fallen under criminal suspicion.  He worries Tomas will get hurt, but Blair promises she asked for a date purely out of attraction.  As Claude bids Tomas adieu, he warns him that his remaining in Llanview might prove to be a disaster for all involved.

Blair thanks Tomas for helping Jack, amused that he’s now Jack’s hero.  He offers to bow out gracefully should she need to cancel their date to attend to her son, but she stands firm.  Starr arrives, and teases her mom about Tomas while Blair probes about the girl who slept in Langston’s room; Starr vows she’s a non-issue.

Rama approaches Cristian at Capricorn, worried he believes she started the rumors that led to them being “viciously slandered” on Access Llanview.  He doesn’t, but he’s concerned when she asks for a drink.  Cris asks about the pregnancy, and Rama admits she lied to give Vimal hope while he’s in prison, but she’s appreciative when Cris doesn’t pass judgment.  He’s amused she’s pals with Nigel, and he offers to set the record straight with Phyllis Rose, but they agree to allow the rumors to die naturally.  Active denial will only add fuel, and they “have nothing to hide.”